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  • Daily dosage!

    15 3.16%
  • Weekly viewings

    164 34.53%
  • Monthly screenings

    80 16.84%
  • 2 to 4 times per year

    130 27.37%
  • Around once a year

    66 13.89%
  • 2 years or more between viewings

    20 4.21%
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    How Frequently do you Watch Star Wars Movies?

    In the '80s and '90s, some of us would rush home from school and pop in our favorite tape until it was totally worn down, of course here that tape was probably one of the Star Wars films. Granted, times have changed, home video formats have largely changed, and even Star Wars has changed, so this new poll asks how often fans watch the Star Wars films, and applies to any or all of the Star Wars films, prequel or OT.

    special thanks to Ji'dai

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    Re: How Frequently do you Watch Star Wars Movies?

    No schedule...I put down once a year but I'm sure that it's not even that frequently. More like every once in a while whenever the urge hits me. The specialness of a thing disappates if it gets used too much I think.

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    Re: How Frequently do you Watch Star Wars Movies?

    I randomly watch maybe every 3 - 6 months, and sometimes I get really inspired to watch it several days in a row. When new toys come out I watch it more. I understand the whole OTC/ VOTC toy push.

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    Re: How Frequently do you Watch Star Wars Movies?

    Weekly viewins for sure, especially since I have gotten both the original Originals and the SE on dvd...just got done watching Empire last night on a dinner date!

    Whenever I'm a bit down I also pop 'em into the ol' DVD player and have a looksee...takes all my troubles awaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

    Awwwwww, I LOVE STAR WARS! *giddy
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    Re: How Frequently do you Watch Star Wars Movies?

    Yeah about once a year. Theres other films I love as much as these. 'these' being OT. If i were to not watch one of them for more than a year it'd be ANH as its not my favourite.

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    Re: How Frequently do you Watch Star Wars Movies?

    Funny thing, I was just thinking about this the other day. I'd say I'm once or twice year watcher. The main factors are what I'm in the mood to watch and what I have time for. I may have time for a movie, but feel like a comedy. Or I may want to watch SW, but only have a half hour. I watched SW last week and was going to watch ESB today but just didn't feel it.
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    Re: How Frequently do you Watch Star Wars Movies?

    I put down monthly viewings.. I think between all of them I do watch at least one every month.. it might be a bit longer between viewings, but not too much. I do think the viewings will increase once I have the new DVDs.
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    Re: How Frequently do you Watch Star Wars Movies?

    Same here! We have 6 tv's(2 with surround sound systems), 2dvd players, another if you count the PS2, and 3 vcr's in our Apt, so between tapes and dvds, and my love of SW it's impossible to go longer than a month without watching one of them! It probably comes close to weekly when the new movies get released!!!
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    Re: How Frequently do you Watch Star Wars Movies?

    I said weekly. It's really, probably more like monthly, but I've been spending late nights working in my studio for the past month(s) and it's been nice to just pop a tape in and have it playing. I watched TPM last night -- well, I listened to it while I was working anyway.

    There's plenty of other movies or music for me to have going, but sometimes it's gotta be Star Wars. And when the new DVD comes out, it'll be Star Wars punctuated by my yelling, "Why? Why the h*** did they change that?"

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    Re: How Frequently do you Watch Star Wars Movies?

    Try for monthly but about 6 times a year or so to be exact
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