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  • Daily dosage!

    15 3.16%
  • Weekly viewings

    164 34.53%
  • Monthly screenings

    80 16.84%
  • 2 to 4 times per year

    130 27.37%
  • Around once a year

    66 13.89%
  • 2 years or more between viewings

    20 4.21%
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    Re: How Frequently do you Watch Star Wars Movies?

    Whenever the Force moves me!

    Lately, I've watched TPM more than the others because of my niece and nephew. My copy of the video is at my parents' house, and when the kids come down it's easy to pop it in.

    I watched ATOC for the first time in a while last week and thoroughly enjoyed it.

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    Re: How Frequently do you Watch Star Wars Movies?

    I said 1 a year. I'm sure I've gone a couple of years before but I would say the average is less than two.
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    Re: How Frequently do you Watch Star Wars Movies?

    My son is 4 years old and he watches the movies daily and I sit down with him every once in awhile. I am the avid fan but my son likes the movies because of R2-D2 and C-3PO, and AOTC is his fav movie.

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    Re: How Frequently do you Watch Star Wars Movies?

    I wrote 2-4 times a year, but that's probably more for each film. I watch each of them, usually in order, but not always, and I think I've watched each of them once or twice this year, with at least one more when the DVDs come out.
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    Re: How Frequently do you Watch Star Wars Movies?

    i watch one of the episodes at least once a week. after all, DVD is the only way to view any of the star wars movies. i like to watch mainly the originals, but once in a while i will pop in episode 2. as for episode 1, well, i will pop that one in when there are times i cant sleep. ep.1 is a great sleep aid.....ZZZZZZZZZZZ

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    Re: How Frequently do you Watch Star Wars Movies?

    Like most things I do, I watch SW in moderation. I'd say just a couple times a year and that counts for a few movies, not all 5 out on home video. I'd get really sick of them if I watched more often.
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    Re: How Frequently do you Watch Star Wars Movies?

    I voted once a year. I watched these films sooooo many times as a youth that I deliberately cut back my viewings as an adult so I wouldn't tire of the films. It worked too because when I do watch them I remember just how much I love them and occasionaly I'll even say to myself "oh cool I forgot about that."
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    Talking Re: How Frequently do you Watch Star Wars Movies?

    I have devoted a lot of time and money to star wars. With watching all of the movies to date and collecting everything that has star wars on it. But no one has anything on my three years old son "Alec". He will and does watch all five episodes on a daily basis, "every day" and is one of his requirments befor he goes to bed. This has been going on for almost two years now. As a matter of fact he is bugging me right now to start aotc over again for him. Now don't get me wrong he does other things that all little boys do. He also has time set aside for learning his ABC's and counting but not without his lightsaber by his side. He will not go anywhere without it, to the store, grandmas or even to bed. I have to say that their is no other house in the world that has star wars playing on their TV as much I do at mine.

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    Re: How Frequently do you Watch Star Wars Movies?

    In the past I might have watched the films 2 times a year. Now since my VCR ate my OTC Empire tape I haven't for awhile. I was so Mad I threw the VCR in the trash, since the DVD's are coming soon. I did buy the Lazar Discs awhile back, but haven't bought the player yet.
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    Re: How Frequently do you Watch Star Wars Movies?

    It ebbs and flows. When the Trilogy became widely and cheaply available on VHS in the mid 90's, I watched it almost everyday, after school for a period of a couple of months. Then I hit a lull, not watching it for quite a while, up until I went to college. I had a VHS player at my apartment and a total of like, 4 videos. So once every week I would pop in the video, and chances were, it was from the Star Wars trilogy.

    The DVDs spark a few viewings in a short period, but lately I would have to say I have been watching the movies at a pace of only two to three viewings a year. My DVD collection has grown leaps and bounds, and the prequel movies get regalated to the back of the pile.

    I'm sure with the DVD Original Trilogy release soon, I'll bump up the average a bit.
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