View Poll Results: Which Is Hasbro's Strongest Trait with Basic SW Figures?

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  • Pose

    15 4.34%
  • Sculpt

    106 30.64%
  • Likeness

    68 19.65%
  • Paint

    12 3.47%
  • Articulation

    25 7.23%
  • Packaging

    68 19.65%
  • Accessories

    10 2.89%
  • Scale

    42 12.14%
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    Which Is Hasbro's Strongest Trait with SW Figures?

    There are many different facets to the modern Star Wars figures that Hasbro produces which entice collectors and casual fans alike. A lot of work goes into each one of these figures from all sorts of areas, everywhere from packaging to sculpt to accessories is taken into consideration. Some fans are drawn to the line because of the likenesses while others are most impressed by the look of the packaging or the dynamic poses, some are even into the 3" figures because of their small accessories. With which one trait do you think Hasbro consistantly shows their best work?

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    Re: Which Is Hasbro's Strongest Trait with SW Figures?

    This was an easy one, because my primary focus is card variations.
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    Re: Which Is Hasbro's Strongest Trait with SW Figures?

    I chose packaging becuase there are alot of figures that dont look like the characters. Since I am an MOC collector, that is what matters to me. If they nuetrally posed figures, then that would be for me.
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    Re: Which Is Hasbro's Strongest Trait with SW Figures?

    I had to say likeness. I mean, if we're talking about what they're producing now as opposed to what was coming out back in the 70's/80's, these figures look more like the characters compared to the impressionist stylings from days of yore.


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    Re: Which Is Hasbro's Strongest Trait with SW Figures?

    Likeness. Though I notice that it's neck and neck with "sculpt" and I don't understand what the difference between those two is. But likeness is numero uno on the list. No matter how great the gimmick or packaging or accessories are, if the basic figure doesn't look like what it's supposed to look like, there is no point to it. And Hasbro has been consistent in doing that well.

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    Re: Which Is Hasbro's Strongest Trait with SW Figures?

    Packaging. They've been too hit and miss with every other category, although scale is much better than it used to be.
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    Re: Which Is Hasbro's Strongest Trait with SW Figures?

    I chose likeness because ultimately that's why I buy the figures. Now I do recognize that most of the major characters still have not gotten a really good head sculpt but since licensing was not one of the options it was the next accurate option.
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    Re: Which Is Hasbro's Strongest Trait with SW Figures?

    Although likeness is getting better, I had to vote for packaging.

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    Re: Which Is Hasbro's Strongest Trait with SW Figures?

    Although I really adore what hasbro has done with the OTC packaging, I'm into the collecting for the loose figures. They can sculpt great, but figures like the generic X-wing pilot, amidalla arena, and holographic Luke lack consistancy so sculpt doesn't win it with me. The LIKENESSES are what grabs me. I'm interested in seeing stuff as it relates to the film. Since I collected back in the vintage days the improvement is wonderful.
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    Re: Which Is Hasbro's Strongest Trait with SW Figures?

    If you can believe it I actually voted for "accessories". The reason does not lie in what the guns are made of, or if the stands connect well... these are both reasons NOT to vote this way. The reason I voted this way is because these figures are coming with more and more accessories and cooler bases than ever before. Granted, not every figure, but overall it's true. Some of these figures now would have been deluxe figures a few years ago (look at Amanaman for example). More play value for our buck!

    The OTC packaging is cool, but no others were, the sculpts sometimes suck, the paint is horrible frequently, the poses bite dung outside of the packaging. And, I know, the accessories weren't always as numerous... but this is one small area they are picking up on. Now if they can just make those guns out of stiffer plastic.


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