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    Transformers question!

    I know this has been out for a little while, but I had a question about the latest Transformers game(forgot title) that recently came out for PS2, XBox, and etc!
    One) Have you guys played it and completed it? And if so, I'm sure it's somthing simple or stupid that I am or not doing, but I haven't been able to figure out, on I think the fourh or fifth level/mission, once you have acquired the flyer(don't remember name) minicon, that gives you glide wings, how you get/fly over to the decepticons aircraft carrier? I've climbed to the top of the nearest rock Island and every time I attempt to glide over to it, I always end up crashing into the sea! Believe me, I've tried about 100 times from every angle, and nothing! Are you suppossed to land on the carriers flight deck, or is there some other place you can land? I actually was able to land on that little platform at the bottom of the stern near the water line, but I didn't see any doors that could be opened or stairs to climb. It's so small also there's not to manny places you can go, so I tried gliding from that around to each side of the ship to see if there were other platforms that I could land on, but there's not enough height to glide far enough around to the sides of the ship! Help?!!!! I'd like to buy this game, It's actually preety cool with amazing graphics, but what would be the point if I can't get by this level! Help again!!! please!
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    Re: Transformers question!

    You have to get to the top of the nearest mountain and then glide to the flight deck. It can be difficult, but not impossible. Good luck!


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