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Thread: Poop!

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    I just read this story and had to share:
    Something You Really Don't Want to Happen...

    Wed Sep 8, 7:55 AM ET

    THE HAGUE (Reuters) - A Dutch driver was covered in hundreds of liters of manure when a tank burst on a lorry carrying fertilizer, police said on Tuesday.

    "It was a nice night ... so he probably opened his window when he stopped at a traffic light, and then -- (it) happened," said Dana Kragten, spokeswoman for police in rural Drenthe province. "The tank had a small window which burst, probably due to pressure ... The man said he had no time to back away his car or close his window."

    Police said the man, whose car was sprayed with an estimated 1,700 liters (370 gallons) of liquid manure, escaped injury though his car had to be towed away.
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    Re: Poop!

    Think they took his car to the dump?
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    Re: Poop!

    Sounds like the dump came to his car!

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    Re: Poop!

    Was it bear poop? I've had my fair share of experience with bear poop.
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    Re: Poop!

    Wish I would of seen it. I would of laughed hysterically.

    DId anyone hear about the Dave MAtthews tour bus thing? APparently they were on a grated bridge over the Chicago river and dumped the waste from the toilets into the water. The only problem(besides the dumping) was the Mayors wife was on a boat passing under it givng a tour. SO they all got doused with 800 pounds of Dave Matthews Band feces.
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    Re: Poop!

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    Re: Poop!

    Putting on a Stadium rock show: $178,745

    Catering before and after the show with 20 cases of beer: $4,258.84

    Dumping the tour buses waste tanks on the mayor of chicago's wife: ...Priceless.
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    Re: Poop!

    Was this guy related to Biff Tannen at all?
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    Re: Poop!

    Holy crap!
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    Re: Poop!

    I had to stop by this thread to see were this ends up

    I mean, you can't pass up the title of this one no matter how hard ya try!
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