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    Question Star Wars Super 8 Question

    My piano teacher's roommate somehow had an old SW Super 8 reel, so my teacher gave it to me to see how much it's worth. I would like some info on it, if anyone knows about it.

    It's in a box no bigger than a CD case, with Chewie and Han firing under a large white Star Wars logo. On the "TA" of Star there looks to be some residue from a sticker, but it's gone. In miniscule writing, it says "Black & White", but maybe there was a "Color" sticker there to cover it up? (I say some like it on eBay) It also says "Selected Scenes." The reel is blue, and I looked at some of the frames. It says Twentieth Century Fox and Star Wars, and all the cast listed, then it has Luke with R2 (I couldn't tell which scene it was). There was a lot more, but I didn't unravel it.

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    Re: Star Wars Super 8 Question

    The first one sounds like the Ken Films Super 8. These sites may help you.

    Collector's Bible
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    Re: Star Wars Super 8 Question

    Hey, cool, thanks. How stupid though, I would've put the cantina on there, at least; who wants to watch a B&W movie about Obi-Wan talking to Luke?


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