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    Re: MR .45 Scale Sith Lightsaber Collection

    As of last week I've been billed for all of my Flight 1 Sith Mini's, but I haven't recieved my tracking #'s for the Darth Maul Battle damaged yet. The Dooku will be here next week.

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    Re: MR .45 Scale Sith Lightsaber Collection

    Quote Originally Posted by [DSS]Pedr0
    New info regarding a new .45 Exclusive.....
    This is one I'll pass on. It looks too cheesy for my taste.

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    Re: MR .45 Scale Sith Lightsaber Collection

    I finally managed to get my collection started - thank goodness for Christmas - and these things're awesome! You just can't beat the price for that level of quality and accuracy, and the size is perfect for those of us with a lack of space. I got the Count Dooku, Obi-Wan (AOTC) and the gold version of the Mace Windu saber (not really the one I wanted but it looks cool nonetheless). One of these days when I get some money I gonna have to get the others.
    Does anyone know what the edition size is on the gold Mace Windu? I can't find any info on it on MR's website and there's only one up on Ebay. I'm wondering if I have something that's at all 'special' here and if I should just keep it and go and buy the one I want, or just go ahead and try to trade it.

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    Re: MR .45 Scale Sith Lightsaber Collection

    Well, it is hard to say about the Gold Mini Sabers. I have heard varying degrees of difficulty finding them and getting a good "count" on how many are available. I have read online that 5 percent of the production run of the regular .45 sabers are made as the Gold version. However, it is hard to tell how many of the regular .45 sabers are made because MR hasn't really released that info( to my knowledge). I have found 3 gold sabers at retail (Dooku, Maul, and Kenobi - AOTC). I like the gold sabers but prefer the actual movie versions because they are just that, the actual replicas. If you are interested in selling it, I would be willing to listen to a price. Obviously if you do a search on ebay the golds command a higher value than the regulars. Sorry for teh long post, I hope this helps. If you need anything else, let me know and I can try to help. I collect all of the .45 Scale sabers. I like them alot!

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    Re: MR .45 Scale Sith Lightsaber Collection

    Thanks, I'll keep all that in mind.

    Normally I wouldn't worry about it's monetary value and I'd just go after the one I wanted, but money has been a serious issue for me of late. I'd hate to just let it go if it turns out to be on the more valuable end. If that makes any sense.

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    Re: MR .45 Scale Sith Lightsaber Collection

    I've found (and bought) 4 Gold mini-lightsabers to date (Dooku, Maul, Luke & Obi-Wan AOTC) I passed on the regular version as I prefer the actual replicas. But I pickled up the Gold versions for collectibility reasons. Now if only I could find Vader & Mace.
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