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    Changes And Additions To Trilogy On DVD

    Hello guys, long time no speak!!

    When watching the DVD's I noticed one or two changes, these are the ones I have noticed so far:-

    Jabba The Hutt in ANH has been with replaced with the greener Jabba from TPM.

    When Ben is trying to get the Death Star's tractor beam out of commission the writing that used to read "Tractor Beam" has been replaced with the shapes that we are used to seeing in Star Wars.

    The Emperor in ESB has been replaced with Ian McDiarmid and also the dialog as been slightly altered.

    Boba Fett is now voiced by Temura Morrisson, so he now sounds like Jango in AOTC.

    At the end of ROTJ we now see the celebrations on Naboo in addition the the ones we already saw on Tatooine, Bespin and Coruscant. The Coruscant skyline has been altered also, you can now see the Senate building and Jedi Temple in the distance.

    Most obviously the Spirit of Anakin Skywalker now appears as Hayden Christensen in Episode III rather than Sebastian Shaw.

    Have I missed any more?
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    Re: Changes And Additions To Trilogy On DVD


    The very first shot of the Landspeeder entering into Mos Eisley Spaceport has been tweaked. The landspeeder is now much more photorealistic, and I believe some of the surroundings have been tweaked also.

    The 'Greedo Shoots First' scene has been retweaked to appear better. Now Han and Greedo fire at nearly the same time, and Han shifts his body over.

    The dianoga in the Death Star Trash Compactor has been slightly enhanced with CGI. Giving the eyestalk more life by featuring a CGI blink.

    The lightsabers in the Vader/Ben battle have been tweaked. Ben's no longer has the fizzling stick look in the scene where he's backing away from Vader. Plus Vader's lightsaber has been finally colored red as the blast doors are closing shutting him off from the Hanger Bay as the Falcon escapes.


    The so-called Luke 'girly scream' as he falls down the reactor shaft has again been removed from this version. I still say it was meant to be there, judging by Luke's open mouth. But since so many people complained about it, oh well.

    When Vader goes to the bridge of his Command Ship at the end of the film, Admiral Piett and the officer behind him used to be flipped due to flipping the film so that the scene could occur on the other side of the bridge. Causing their uniforms and rank badges to be reversed. This has been corrected for this version finally.

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    Re: Changes And Additions To Trilogy On DVD

    anh redux

    i have noticee some dialog changes with c3op, it seams as there entering the escape pod c3po calls r2 a bucket of grease and then at the purchase of the droids scence owen tells c3po to shut up, c3po says "shutting up now,sir" there were more too.

    and We're back in 3..2.. ..
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    Re: Changes And Additions To Trilogy On DVD

    This has been addressed in the "Audio Problems" thread. Those lines have always been in the film.
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    Re: Changes And Additions To Trilogy On DVD

    Did they add a tiny bit of dialogue in A New Hope?
    On the Death Star, right before the 2 Stormtroopers walk down the ramp of the Falcon, one says "There's no one here" or something to that effect. Was that there before? I don't remeber hearing it. I thought they just nodded and walked down.
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    Re: Changes And Additions To Trilogy On DVD

    Okay, since the changes have been mentioned in other threads a few times, how about this thread becomes....

    Rate the changes!

    Landspeeder: Much better than the SE. Still not 100% perfect, but much nicer.

    Greedo shoots. . . at the same time: Ugh! On the first viewing, it was painfully obvious that Han simply teleports to his right and doesn't blink. Could they not have made it a little less clunky? Better than the last revision, but far from great.

    Jabba: The still images looked like we'd get TPM Jabba. This is closer, but there's still a weird shimmer to him that looks a bit fake. Nice to see Han's hand doesn't pass through the new Jabba, but I kinda miss the "poke" he gives the big slug. And I was one of the few folks to like Han stepping on Jabba, though the goofy cartoon face was over the top. However, Jabba looking like he's about to punch Han into ESB is far better.

    Boba Morrison: I have to admit, Temeura did an excellent job of not simply cloning (pun intended) his Jango voice, so it retains a bit of the gritty edge.

    OLME McDiarmid Palpatine: Excellent change. The new lines don't have the oomph of the old ones, but seeing the proper Emperor makes up for it, and he looks much better than early shots suggested.

    Final Celebration: Okay, it might be me, but it seems to go by more quickly than before, with Naboo being wedged in. And I think the shot of the Rebel pilots boogying with Ewoks was excised. But no matter. The enhanced color on Coruscant reveals Rodians in the crowd, and the cryptic "The Son of the Sun!" line is clear now. And (though I still find it a bit disrespectful), the Hayden scene is actually done rather well.
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    Re: Changes And Additions To Trilogy On DVD

    Landspeeder: Good job - didn't even notice!
    Greedo shoots. . . at the same time: Looks the same to me - poopy.
    Jabba: Better, but still looks bad.
    Dianoga: Needless change, but well done.
    Lightsabers: Finally(!), but Luke's lightsaber seems to change colors, from green to blue.
    Boba: Nice - he is the same a s Jango. It only makes sense.
    Palpatine: Good dialogue, terrible looking Palpy.
    No more of Luke's scream: Thank the maker!
    Vader's eyes and eyebrows: Nice, but I never would've noticed if it hadn't been pointed out.
    Final Celebration: I dig it, even Hayden.
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    Re: Changes And Additions To Trilogy On DVD

    I forgot the dianoga! I can't believe that! I actually cheered when the "fixed" dianoga popped up. I always hated that stupid piece of pig terd, and now it looks cool!

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    Re: Changes And Additions To Trilogy On DVD

    changes I noticed, not mentioned above:

    When Ben scares away the sandpeople in ANH theres a new sound effect.

    Clive Revill is still credited as the voice of the emperor in ESB despite the change.

    The SE shot of the Slave I pursuing the Falcon in ESB now has an AOTC engine noise.

    My Ratings:

    The new Jabba was an improvement on the old one. Whenever Hans hand passed in front of him its shadow can be seen on Jabba - nice attention to detail, makes it more believable. But whether this scene was ever necessary is arguable since the dialogue Han has with Greedo in the earlier scene is virtually identical.

    The lightsabers in the duel were good but the duel remains remarkably poor. The most elaborate move, Ben's spin, comes early in the fight and is embarrassingly executed. And they rendered the usual excuse of 'but Ben was an old man' void by having Count Dooku carrying off complicated sword swings and somersaulting through the air.

    Luke's lightsaber goes from obviously green to white with a subtle green tint. It seems they didn't fix the odd flickering it does and a wierd black glitch pops up at the base of the blade in one shot as it does in the original and SE versions. Then when he turns off the saber the shot still looks iffy.

    Palpatine looks fine but I'm not sure why it was necessary to have him deliver the lines so slowly. The lines themselves are alright I suppose.

    The redubbing of Boba fett was also alright though Temeura's pronunciation of the word 'dead' will take some getting used to.

    The appearance of Naboo was OK and thankfully the Gungans aren't too audible.

    Haydens head - as it is I don't like it. At first when he looks at Yoda and Ben he for some reason looks embarrassed. Then he uses the same 'rapist leer' that he used in AOTC and its just not appropriate either in AOTC or here in ROTJ. Sebastian Shaw smiled and gazed fondly at his son. Hayden looks like he's planning to kill Luke and then maybe invade Leias dreams and violate her. Badly done.

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    Re: Changes And Additions To Trilogy On DVD

    Quote Originally Posted by Devo
    Haydens head - as it is I don't like it. At first when he looks at Yoda and Ben he for some reason looks embarrassed.
    Of course he's embarassed. He's still a kid, and he's thinking, "Oh, crap, I killed this guy. Man, he's gonna be ticked! Man, how do I handle this?"

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