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    Who's this punk kid!

    Watching Jedi yesterday I came to the realization that no matter how much bit**ing I do Haydakin is always gonna be in there (unless I watch the SE) but what must Luke think about him. Luke is probably wondering what this punk ***** kid in Jedi robes is doing at his dead Jedi party. As far as I know Luke has never seen young Anakin so he can only assume that is what he looked like and hope that it was him. I think the ghost should have been of what Luke remembered them as after all they are the figments of his imagination.
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    Re: Who's this punk kid!

    How stupid do you seriously think Luke is? That he can't figure out that the third ghost that manifests is his father. Luke only saw his bald mutilated father without his mask for a few moments, so it's not like he knew what his father would have looked like before he manifested as a ghost in the original version either. And why should the ghost manifest as Luke remembered him, if he would have he'd have been bald and horribly scarred. One would think that the ghost would manifest as they last remember themselves. And I don't get why you seem to think they are figments of Luke's imagination?

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    Re: Who's this punk kid!

    That's as silly to me as when people gripe about the new communication with the Emperor in ESB. A few people have said "Oh, no! It clues everyone in that Vader is Luke's father!!!" I watched it yesterday and there is no way. The Emperor refers to Luke as the offspring of Anakin Skywalker and Darth Vader asks how that it possible. Granted, anyone who has watched the previous 4 films would already know that Vader is Luke's father by this point, but those who haven't still wouldn't have a clue. Vader almost acknowledges it as if he is talking about the son of the man he killed. *shrug*

    Anyhow... whatever.
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    Re: Who's this punk kid!

    I'm with Slicker, I've been saying for weeks that there's no cinematic reason that Luke should know who this 3rd spirit is. What if it had been Qui-Gon rather than Hayden? Would Luke still have assumed it was his father? The spirit has always manifested itself as its final point in life, Anakin was still the good man inside the suit according to both Luke and Vader's dialogue in the film as well as Vader's final actions, therefore Shaw was the logical choice as the spirit because he WAS the last living iteration of Anakin Skywalker.
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    Re: Who's this punk kid!

    Thank you Mr. Tricks for agreeing with me on this one. I can see where JJB and JP are coming from that it's only logical that it could be Anakin's ghost but it still should have been Sebastiakin's ghost because the way that I've always seen it is that when Vader throws the Emperor over into the chasm he is throwing away the last vestiges of the Dark Side in him and therefore becoming the good guy Anakin Skywalker reverting once again to the Light Side.

    In case your wondering I didn't think that Hayden being in the movie was that bad.
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    Re: Who's this punk kid!

    so the real solution would be to digitally insert hayden into the "vader unmasked" scene and then have some make up on the ghost of hayden to make him look 45 years old?

    that's what i would of done!

    down with sebastian shaw!!!

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    Re: Who's this punk kid!

    Quote Originally Posted by JediTricks
    I'm with Slicker, I've been saying for weeks that there's no cinematic reason that Luke should know who this 3rd spirit is.
    One word. Intuition. Luke could sense it through the force like Leia could sense Luke was her long lost brother or Vader could sense Obi was alive and on the Death Star. Each individual has there own distinct aura on the force, like a spiritual version of a finger print if you will. At least that is how I take it.
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    Re: Who's this punk kid!

    No, Luke was wondering "hey, my mom was a total hottie MILF and my dad was a pretty cute guy, so why am I so fugly?"

    For the record, I'm with JJB and JP. Had the OT marks 1 and 2 shown a bald and hacked up ghost, then I would be opposed to any change but since 'Bas got all 'humpty dumptied' (thanks JJB ) in the Force, then I'm all for going back and showing the younger Ani.

    And also for the record , as a kid I thought the 'Bas ghost was what Ani looked like before he went into the suit, sure I was probably an idiot, but yeah . . . that's what I thought.

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    Re: Who's this punk kid!

    OK. So I think I see now what the argument is FOR Hayden being in this shot. Anakin never really looked like the happy old man at any point, so it's most logical -- if you're going to show him "normal" -- as the last form that he held before he became twisted and deformed.

    Am I pretty close with that?
    Quote Originally Posted by JarJarBinks
    How stupid do you seriously think Luke is? That he can't figure out that the third ghost that manifests is his father.
    Just the same, I've gotta say, I think it's really a huge leap to assume that Luke would recognize the young Anakin. That sounds less like critical thinking, and more like wishful thinking.

    Maybe I'd personally object to the edit less if it did tie into the ROTJ story a little better. Perhaps some kind of Hayden reveal earlier on in the movie to tie things together a little better. I dunno.

    Oh... and for the record Caesar, I'd assume that Lucas wanted you to think that at the time. Until he **cough, cough** recently realized that he wanted something different all along.
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    Re: Who's this punk kid!

    I am with JT and Slicker.(suprised?) Even if the ghosts manifests back to the point of "last known goodness", I would be thinking "My dad is the same age as me. WTF is up with that? He must be a strong force user." I say down with Hayden.
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