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    Zuckuss......still to this day the only figure I don't have...*sigh*

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    AT-ST, I was hoping to get it when on sale and I have nothing. Also DV with removeable helmet, when Porter Ranch TRU was just opened, they had plenty of those and I picked up only 1.

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    thanks for the reminder, JT. I held the classic A. F. Tie Defender in my hands and really debated on buying it... I had played the video game and knew exactly what it was, but decided having the 'real' ships from the movies was good enough! ARRRRRGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH! Somebody b#$ch-slap me!

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    I passed on probably all of the rare Freeze Frames. I never was a variant collector, so I never even considered them.

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    last wave of CLASSIC Action Fleet at Target,
    JT, I saw the second from last wave of classic AF at Target at a clearance price of $7.99. The boxes were all dented and I didn't have the extra money to burn so I passed them up. To this day, 2 of the 3 AF ships that I am lacking are from that wave, the Millenium Falcon and the landing craft (the other being the E-wing).

    I also saw some HTF AF Battlepacks 15,16,17,18 at a Rite Aid clearance store for a clearance price of $5.55 (I bought 14 from the store) but due to fiscal mismanagement from higher up, Rite Aid had to close some unprofitable stores and when I went back to get those bad boys, the store was packing up everything in boxes and getting ready to ship them elsewhere.

    On a more recent note, I picked up a K-3PO in mid-July at a comic store in Toronto for $15 ($9 US) while passing up an Imperial Scout clean version for the same price. Now I see oodles of K-3POs in my area, and some dirty scouts but no clean versions. What can I say, I was an idiot.
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    Sorry Matt, but at least you know you're not alone in that stupid mistake.

    Ki, thanks for reminding me, I must have seen that AT-ST a million times, but I didn't want one until a few months after it was gone. At least the POTJ set is coming.

    Oh LBC, say it ain't so! How could you pass up a single-boxed Millennium Falcon? That's the one with JKF's inscription inside, oh the humanity!

    Sorry to hear about that lame K-3PO choice. When it comes to aftermarket prices, I don't even consider those as "if onlys" since it's already something I missed once when that guy bought it.
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    Everytime I see LBC, I think of Sublime and their Summertime song...

    "...qualified to represent the LBC..." I could have been qualified to represent the LBC, but I was a member of the 18th Street Trey Bloods at the time.

    Anyways, I remember seeing the orange and purple carded SW figures when they first came out. For some reason I just wasn't into SW back then and had no interest in getting the figures. I wish I had at the time because I could have saved myself a ton of money instead of buying off of ebay.
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    When the Complete Galaxy Luke first came out I didn't pick him up. Got him at KB's though!

    Action Fleet: Rancor & the E-Wing
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    POTF Bantha with Sandperson riding. !@#$%^&*()
    Shoulda just called it Attack of the Killer Clones

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    I also passed on the POTF2 Bantha and Rancor, and didn't want them until they were gone. I almost made the same mistake with the Electronic 12" Vader and Power FX X-Wing.

    I also saw a FF Fett, Sandtrooper and TIE Pilot but didn't buy them because I was sick of reissues at the time.
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