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    My biggest regret is passing on the Rancor with Luke... now I can't find it anywhere but Ebay, and to get it there I'll have to pay an arm and a leg.

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    I've let a few good ones slip through my fingers.....not because I didn't want 'em.....but because I couldn't afford them.....

    Han on Tauntaun......Luke with Wampa......FF Weequays.......I've seen most of 'em, and don't have a lot of POTF stuff that I still want.....

    but the ones I still kick myself over are the Rebo Band pairs......

    There's a few things I'm still working on getting, and eventually will grab.....

    I'm not too concerned, since I collect for ME, not for investment purposes....

    but I still have a few good it kinda balances out!

    Still looking for a few Vaders, and some other odds and ends.....
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    I once found all three versions of the CommTech Jawas and passed on them.

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    I had a chance once to pick up the Han/ Taun-Taun beast pack. Unfortunately it wasn't at a store, but at a collector's show, and it would've cost me twice as much as it would've if I had ever seen it at retail! What's up with that? Why was such an integral item not more widely available? Now it goes for like 60 bucks! Anyway, shortly after I passed on it I decided that as much as it would hurt me to do so, I just HAD to have it. Too bad for me that when I went back to the booth I saw it in the guy had already packed up and left! Unlike a lot of collectors recently, I actually like Hasbro, though in instances like this I actually think they really might hate us. I really don't care whether anyone disagrees with me about this, but I think it would be really nice to see some of the items that we didn't see a lot of during their original release being reissued and made more widely available. Items like Han on his Taun-Taun, which I think would be an excellent choice for this kind of treatment; how about reissuing this set with Han in his correct colors with a resculpted face? They could even put it in the new packaging! I really don't think it would be that expensive for Hasbro to do, and would give them an excellent chance to make some more money off of some old molds, while throwing us fans who missed out on items like this a bone. Of course that might **** off a lot of scalpers who have plenty of Han/ Taun-Tauns, and delight in selling them at 60-70 bucks apiece, but that serves them right!

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    Was at Toys R Us when they were making the transition from long light saber to small (short saber/long tray).

    I passed on the Obi-Wan, Vader, Luke because I already had em with the original saber.

    boy do i feel like an idiot now!

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    I passed on the Falcon Carry case with Scaning Tech.

    Oh and a few EU figs, because I didn't know what they were at the time, AND they were on clearance.

    Mara Jade
    Grand Admiral Thrawn
    Imperial Sentinel

    If there had been a Spacetrooper or Darktrooper I may have bought them all.

    That's it, those are the ONLY 4 figure I have EVER passed on that I didn't already have.
    May the force be with you.

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    Super Star Destroyer (Collection Fleet).

    Can't believe I passed on it. KB had it for two weeks, I'd been waiting anxiously for it, and my mom even OFFERED to buy it!!! Why I passed I'll never know!!!

    Oh well, at least I got the regular Star Destroyer (Collection Fleet).
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    Originally posted by Obi-Don
    I missed out on the expanded universe figures.NOW look what it cost to get them on line. Someone shoot ME!
    Tell me about it! I'm not bragging here, but I was able find all the col#3 FF, but I don't have one EU figure, because I thought I could get them later. "NOW, SOMEONE SHOOT ME!"
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    I got Thrawn, the Imperial Sentinal, and Dark Jedi Luke, but missed Mara Jade, and the Clone Emperor.....which were the ones I REALLY wanted.....
    "You will shed tears of crimson"-Vicious (Cowboy Bebop)


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    I passed on WeeQuay, Sandtrooper, and AT-ST Driver freeze frame figures. I saw them at Wal-Mart and said "Pah, I already have these with and without holographic stickers, I don't want anymore."

    I can still see them on the shelf now.
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