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    Missed treasures

    What potf item have you seen in a store but didn't pick up, and now is a hot collector item?

    I also put my mistake in another forum and this was it: I could have gotten Captain Piett at Wal-mart but I didn't.

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    I missed out on the Admiral Motti and Leia CTC when its at retail price and now, its like 2 fold from its original price.

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    I passed on two Freeze Frame Weequays that were sitting on a Target shelf at about 4 in the afternoon. I was vaguely aware these were not altogether 'common' at the time; I collect what I like and don't scalp, but , had I know how much this fig would go for on Ebay, I'd have bought both!

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    A Han and Taun Taun at KB Toys and all the Max Rebo Band two packs for about 8 bucks each.

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    I once saw a Boushh on a green PotF card and didn't get it 'cause I'm a big moron.

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    CTC Stormie, Leia and Motti! WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!
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    Unhappy =o(

    FF Sandtrooper.
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    Freeze Frame Boba, Sandtrooper and TIE Pilot.

    12" Han and TaunTaun

    Almost the entire original POTF line for only $0.17 each!!!

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    FF Fett, which I saw a bunch of times, last wave of CLASSIC Action Fleet at Target, .00 Darth Maul (I'm not a carded collector, but I wanted the original .00 Maul, and the worst part was, I had it in my hands with every intention of buying it, but somehow it got shuffled around with some other figures I was holding and ended up back on the pegs. )
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    I too had seen Freeze Frame Fett at least 6 or so times,but since I had the version I never bought it!!!!!

    I regret that the most!
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