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    How many copies do you own?

    With the numerous times Uncle George has released the Trilogy, how many times have you given in and bought 'em?

    With the DVD set, I now have 5 copies:
    -The original pre-'95 box set (Fullscreen I think, don't think they made Widescreen of these) - box is opened, but individual movies are still sealed.
    -1995 THX Widescreen box set (AKA the last Original OT editions).
    -1997/8 metallic Special Edition Widescreen box set (which looked similar to the DVD box).
    -2001/2 Special Edition re-release (with the Episode II behind the scenes preview).
    -2004 Widescreen DVD set.

    And depending on the special features, I'll probably buy the eventual massive Star Wars Saga DVD box in the future.
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    Re: How many copies do you own?

    -1995 THX Full Screen editions
    -1995 THX Widescreen Box Set
    -2004 Widescreen DVD

    I'm sure I'll buy into the future releases of the OT or complete series when they come out.
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    Re: How many copies do you own?

    The set that I think were put out through Fox Video (They Had the Poster art on the covers (Full Screen)

    The Widescreen boxed set of the OT 1.0

    The Widescreen box set of the SE (2.0)

    The DVD Set (2.5)

    However, when it comes to the soundtrack for ANH ...

    I have the original double album vinyl set.

    The cassette of same

    The 8-track of same (this dates m, I know)

    The CD

    The box set of CDs from the entire trilogy with previously unreleased material

    The CDs that came out in conjunction with the SEs, w/new material and previously unreleased material

    I feel like there's one I'm missing somewhere, but can't think of what it could be.

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    Re: How many copies do you own?

    I have

    1) the widescreen boxset from the early 90s, the 3 films plus 'From Star Wars to Jedi'
    2) the fullscreen THX 95 set
    3) the widescreen SE 97 set
    4) the widescreen SE 2000 set
    5) the 2004 DVD set (Star Wars mark 3 )

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    Re: How many copies do you own?

    I have the SE VHS boxed set and the OT boots. Thats it for me.
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    Re: How many copies do you own?

    Here are the sets I have:

    Each movie on Laserdisc (Original Trilogy)
    Original release on VHS from I think 1982 or around there.
    Special Edition release on VHS
    THS Widescreen Edition (SE Version) VHS
    Original Trilogy on DVD (bootys - Dr Gonzo version)
    Original Trilogy on DVD (bootys - TR47 version)
    Special Edition on DVD (bootys)
    Special Special Edition on DVD (just released)

    Other SW movies:

    SW:TPM Special Collectors Edition VHS

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    Re: How many copies do you own?

    For me:
    *OT 1997 SE fullscreen box set
    *TPM 2000 VHS fullscreen
    *TPM 2001 DVD widescreen
    *AOTC 2002 DVD widescreen
    *AOTC 2002 VHS fullscreen
    *OT 2004 DVD widescreen box set

    I don't have the 2000 versions of the OT, that was just a waste. The only reason those were put out was so the covers could match the TPM VHS. And I only have the AOTC VHS to round out the collection, I'll also get the ROTS VHS next year. I've only seen the AOTC VHS twice - once just to watch it, and once with my cousin (that was the only kind of movie-playing device they had back then).
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    Re: How many copies do you own?

    Original '80s VHS, Full-screen (since given away)
    Original Widescreen VHS Box Set (early 90s)
    THX Widescreen VHS Box Set
    SE Widescreen VHS Box Set
    SE+ Widescreen DVD Box Set

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    Re: How many copies do you own?

    I currently own original copies of the Trilogy on VHS from when they first became available for sale. I own the new trilogy versions from 1993, the big marketing promo where Vader's head was on star wars, stormtrooper for empire and yod for jedi. I own the special editions in the silver widescreen set, I have the british version of the special editions on DVD, import, and finally the new DVD's.

    I might be broke but knowing me I will mostly likely by the ultimate versions from Lucas once he releases them. Hopefully it will be six discs with all the footage shot used in either the films or in deleted scences. Knowing Lucas he would use this to get more money.

    I am upset that the new dvd's have no deleted scences.
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    Re: How many copies do you own?

    I have the blue boxed set of 4 tapes with the hologram on the front of the OT films. Widescreen of course.

    I also have the silver widescreen SE VHS versions.

    As well as SE bootleg DVDs from Ebay.

    Also I just put in an order for original edition DVD burns (sourced from the Laserdiscs). Hopefully I'll have those within a couple of weeks.

    I haven't yet purchased the SuperNifty 2.0 versions, but perhaps soon.

    If memory serves me right, I used to have a Pan and Scan VHS version of ANH, but I think I gave it away or something. No sense in keeping half a movie laying around.

    For the prequels, I got the widescreen VHS TPM as a gift and then the DVD as a gift later on. The widescreen AOTC DVD came from Santa, bless his heart.


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