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    Macy Gray is talented, but. . . .

    . . . she is going to burn for all eternity for what she did to "Walk This Way."

    No for this one!

    And don't it, either. You'll only encourage more such crap.
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    Re: Macy Gray is talented, but. . . .

    Back when her first album came out she was on MTV having an interview and she kept saying like 50 times, "my new album dropping" "my new album dropping"
    "my new album dropping""my new album dropping""my new album dropping"....
    I told myself "if she promote her album one more time, I'm smashing the TV....."
    well............I was preoccupied at the moment.
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    Re: Macy Gray is talented, but. . . .

    That cover goes right up there with one of the most horrific displays of cover songs ever. I agree, no or for her. she gets the :slap:
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    Re: Macy Gray is talented, but. . . .

    It's almost as bad as Lenny Kravitz's American Woman.
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    Re: Macy Gray is talented, but. . . .

    OH my god, who's the idiot that signed this American Idol reject? Her voice is hard to listen to. It makes me kind of sick.
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    Re: Macy Gray is talented, but. . . .

    Well if I guess this is what $!@# sound like
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    Re: Macy Gray is talented, but. . . .

    I bet Caesar likes it.
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    Re: Macy Gray is talented, but. . . .

    You know there aren't many cover songs that are good. I just wish they would stay original. Oh and that reminds me of 311. They came up with that all entertainer come original, but then they did a cover song from the Cure. LOL
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    Re: Macy Gray is talented, but. . . .

    Her voice drives me up a wall................... I have to mute it everytime it comes on.
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    Re: Macy Gray is talented, but. . . .

    When Run-DMC covered this tune back in the day, their version was considered a revolutionary, visionary classic, melding the worlds of rap and rock in a way nobody ever really thought possible on a mainstream level, and in many ways, gave a newfound respect to the fledgling rap music scene from widespread audiences throughout America.

    What Macy Gray has done to this tune is totally the opposite, she mangles this tune like a tone-deaf American Idol-wannabe, and in the most unfocused way possible, creating absolutely no bridge between her brand of hip-hop/R&B and the bluesy-hard rock tone of the original band, all the while amplifying the worst aspects of her unique style.

    Steve is right, when the commercial with this comes on TV, I change the channel. I'm all for trying something new, but not only is her rendition not new, it's horribly unlistenable to the point of abject irritation.
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