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    Clone Wars Animated vs Galactic Heroes

    Well, both of them were made from a drawing, which one is the coolest? I think Clone Wars they really show the real attitude of the characters, but whats your opinion?

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    Re: Clone Wars Animated vs Galactic Heroes

    I like the GH better. They have this adoreableness to them that makes you want to hug them. Its like SW kids or somehting. I didnt care to much for the CW animated figures. I didnt get any of those.
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    Re: Clone Wars Animated vs Galactic Heroes

    If I had kids I would pick up the GH , if they wanted them (not going to force my obsession on them) but I do like the Animated line. Don't really care for cartoons, but come on it's SW!
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    Re: Clone Wars Animated vs Galactic Heroes

    I really like the G.Heroes line, though I did like the Playskool versions a little better because you got vehicles there. The CW animated figs are faithful to their animated look, but are somehow boring "collectibles", like a comic book you buy simply to stick in a bag and look at occasionally - the G.heroes are fun and look like they're BEGGING to be played with by young and old.
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    Re: Clone Wars Animated vs Galactic Heroes

    Well, my kids love playing with the Playskool stuff. They're durable, easy to pick up and toss around and cute as the dickens. While the normal figures and toys are "accurate," they don't really lend themselves to realistic "kid play" scenarios the way the Playskool type of figures least at the younger 5-10 age bracket.

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    Re: Clone Wars Animated vs Galactic Heroes

    I wasn't too crazy about the art style of Clone Wars, but it's grown on me. I don't like pre-posed anime figurines which is what these basically are. Still, I bought a set and they look good on display. I like the cartoon figs though - the vintage DROIDS have been my favorites to this day.

    The Playskool sets were too cute to pass up, especially with the vehicles. The only GH sets I've bought so far is the ESB bounty hunter wave which I picked up today.

    Did anyone notice that Boba Fett & Dengar are reversed in the package in relation to their picture/names? The other bounty hunters are packaged correctly.
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    Re: Clone Wars Animated vs Galactic Heroes

    I love both, and got both, now all i'm missing is kids so I can rip them out of the package and play with them. that will be a dream come true
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    Re: Clone Wars Animated vs Galactic Heroes

    animated clone wars are better in my opinion. the yoda is cool lookin. but i do like the playskool galatic heros, got that little kiddie touch. now if i was only 3 again, theyd be the s***
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    Re: Clone Wars Animated vs Galactic Heroes

    Well I like and have bought both the CW animated figures and the Galactic Heroes. I'm not interested in the ships Playschool released, I just don't have the room, nor would I be interested in vehicles from the animated series if they were ever to release any. I look at these as creative alternatives to the modern SW line and will continue to collect both but if I had to pick a favorite I'd probably go with the animated line. Mostly because they're a bit more detailed and have removable accessories but the down side is they're a little on the expensive side IMO. The GH line is cute and a great value but there really isn't much to them.
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    Re: Clone Wars Animated vs Galactic Heroes

    My vote would have to go with the CW line. The show is great and it's just as nice to have figures that look exactly like them.
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