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    what shows do you collect on DVD?

    This is really just an excuse to flaunt an impressive list of my own by the way, most of it due to my brother. He collects TV shows like I collect toys.

    Here goes, in no particular order:

    Deep space nine
    Star trek: OS
    The west wing
    The shield
    Red Dwarf
    The Office
    Six feet under
    Babylon 5
    Murder one
    Band of brothers (a one-off but it was episodic)
    Teachers (a UK show)
    ER (an obscure US hospital drama)
    Battlestar Galactica (the modern mini-series and possibly the rest)

    Most of the above I haven't watched, some of it I never will. Nip/Tuck has my attention at the moment. Can anyone else rack up that many Tv shows in their DVD collections?

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    Re: what shows do you collect on DVD?

    I forgot The sopranos and 24.

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    Re: what shows do you collect on DVD?

    Well, here's what I have access to:

    Batman: TAS (Volume 1)
    Batman Beyond (three compilation discs of the early episodes)
    The Simpsons (Seasons 1-4)
    Futurama (Volumes 1-4)
    Family Guy (Volumes 1-2)
    Night Gallery (Season 1)
    The Outer Limits (Seasons 1-2 of the original series)
    Beast Wars: Transformers (Seasons 1-3)
    ER (Seasons 1-2)
    Green Acres (Season 1)
    The Waltons (Season 1)
    Kung Fu (Season 1)
    Little House on the Prairie (Seasons 1-2)

    TV on DVD is an expensive hobby to get into. Very expensive. There's definitely a lot more I would like to get, though.
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    Re: what shows do you collect on DVD?

    what, no south park fans? currently it's the only tv show worthy of having on dvd (i have all 4 seasons released thus far). but i'm looking forward to getting seinfeld.

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    Re: what shows do you collect on DVD?

    I've moved (temporarily) from buying movies to TV shows in the last year. There are a lot more on my wishlist but this is what I have so far.

    Simpsons (Season 1-4)
    SCTV (Season 1)
    Knight Rider (Season 1)
    GI Joe (Season 1 Part 1)
    Robotech (Parts 1-3)
    Monty Python (Compete set)

    You're right JBF, TV shows are an expensive genre to buy into. It's easy to buy a movie on a whim but my TV show purchases are really planned out months in advance as they are sure to set you back a minimum of $40-$50.

    My near future purchases will be 1 or 2 of the following:

    GI Joe (Season 1 Part 2)
    Transformers (Season 1 Part 1-2)
    Dukes of Hazzard (Season 1)
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    Re: what shows do you collect on DVD?

    • up to date South Park
    • most Twilight Zones
    That's all that interests me.
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    Re: what shows do you collect on DVD?

    Family Guy Vol. 1 & 2
    The Simpsons Season 3 (I need the other 3!)
    Aqua Teen Hunger Force Vol. 1 & 2
    Chapelle's Show Season 1
    Band of Brothers
    Mr. Bean: The Whole Bean
    Batman: The Animated Series Vol. 1
    Clerks: Uncensored
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    Re: what shows do you collect on DVD?

    The Simpsons
    Buffy the Vampire Slayer
    Droids & Ewoks if they released them in their original format.

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    Re: what shows do you collect on DVD?

    The Simpsons
    Married With Children
    In Living Color
    Forever Knight
    South Park
    Star Trek:TNG
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    Re: what shows do you collect on DVD?

    The Simpsons
    Star Trek The Original Series (Completed)
    Threes Company (John Ritter Rules)
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