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    Any news of GSJ ?

    With "Jeanne" over Florida, it's the fourth hurricane in only 6 weeks for FL residents (!!!). The images from TV reports are impressive (planes flying in the airs ...without pilots or interesting images of flying... boats).
    I hope our friend Good Shot, his family and friends are all ok.

    Any news anyone ?
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    Re: Any news of GSJ ?

    Haven't heard a thing but it's doubtful he'll have computer access if he was affected. I hope he and his family is ok as well...

    My prayers are with you GSJ...

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    Re: Any news of GSJ ?

    I was getting concerned about GSJ's absence, even before that devastating hurricane overload. We'd not heard from him for months. If anyone hears from him, please do post it here, so we know he and his beautiful family are well.

    Thinking about all our OTHER Florida people too.
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    Question Re: Any news of GSJ ?

    I am with r2dee2 and I share her same feelings (like many of you I think).

    GSJ proved to be such a good person to everybody on this forum, and helped myself so many times, that I consider him a real friend (even if imo the internet is still an unexplored world in respect of interpersonal relationships).
    I sent GSJ an e-mail a couple of months ago but got no response, so I toyed with the idea to call him by the phone, but I always put aside the idea not knowing the correct social behaviour in this case. I mean, if he was an Italian friend I would call him no doubt, because either there is no problem or if he is in trouble he may fell someone is close to him. But I do not know the meaning of this in the American culture (maybe he may consider a phone call an intolerable intrusion in his privacy).
    Anyway I think it could be a good idea let him know (in the less intrusive way) there are people (all over the world nevertheless ) concerned with him. If I were him I would be pleased.


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    Re: Any news of GSJ ?

    It's been a LONNNNNNNNNNNNG time since GSJ posted - that's wierd.

    Due to formatting my HD, I have lost his email addy.

    Can somebody email him to check that he is OK and let us know that all is well?



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    Re: Any news of GSJ ?

    i am alive and well,

    the 1st absence was due to my mom having a stroke, which required quite a bit of my time in the bahamas. my parents had retired there some time ago, which of course makes tending to medical emergencies tough.

    my mom's condition made things very tough on my dad, so i spent quite a bit of time with them. this of course made things difficult on the home front, but the jansen clan mangaged well.

    my 2nd very prolonged absence was due to several medical problems affecting my dad. these seemed to come fast and furious, one after the next, and quite frankly, i just didn't have the time, and eventually lost the interest to log on to the site, due to my parents health situations.

    then of course the major whammy occured.......hurrican francis and jeanne.

    the jansen household survived fine, we only lost elect. for a week or so. my parents home in the bahamas, was a different tale. both storms came directly over grand bahama island (freeport), my parents home of many years, pretty much gutting everything they had spent their lives waiting for

    i didn't mean for my absence to extend as long as it did, (particularly now, after i have read through the entire r2d2 post ), but dealing with my homeless parents, and trying to help them through the distraught of losing everything they had invested in their retirement, i just didn't feel the gentle allure of micro machines for the past year and a half

    as an update, the house right behind mine came on the market this february, and after long and lengthy discussions with the family (nuclear), and the 'rents (fissonary ), they have purchased the home right behind mine

    (any references to the romano's, which btw, my sister is hackin' up a major lugi in new yawk citay with delight over that analogy, will be dealt with harshly )

    anyway, this past monday, was the 1st time that i even looked at the site since last spring, and of course i was shocked, and saddened to read about marilyn. i have spent the past 4 or 5 days reading through every post in that thread, and then, i went back, and tried to read every post that she had made over the past 4 + years. (i wish we still had a record of the old ssg boards before we changed the format, she was a much more frequent poster back then)

    anyway, my firm was very gracious over the past year in allowing me to be mia for months at a time, i am now back full time in the hollywood/ft laud area, and can be reached via my old usual channels.
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    Re: Any news of GSJ ?

    I am glad all worked out well GSJ. Good to have you back.
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    Re: Any news of GSJ ?

    Welcome home GSJ - good to have you back (was beginning to think that you were a gonner!!).


    PS If you need any help with any aquisitions that you may have missed over the last year or so, they please don't hesitate to ask, as per.

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    Smile Here GSJ comes again!

    Hi GSJ!
    I am so pleased to type your name again in a post on these boards!
    Welcome back, really welcome back!
    As you can see in the past threads many times we thought to you in a past. This is because you have been so friendly that a lot of people feels you are more than a simple poster in the forum.
    So welcome to the MM home again my friend!


    P.S. As you can see something is slowly moving in the MM and AF world. Many of us are disappointed by the Titanium Series and the Target exclusive micro vehicles and playsets, but it is at least something, and I am still supporting these lines with the hope that maintaining them alive we can expect something better in the future. No?

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    Re: Here GSJ comes again!

    I'm glad to see that our friend Good Shot' is back in business. ;-)
    I hope things are getting better for you and your family.

    There's an emptyness inside of most of us because of the loss of R2 then It's really a good news to hear from you.
    - "I've never understood Walt Disney".
    Howard Philip Lovecraft.


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