Well, well, well. . . now that we've all spent a day or two getting our admission badges, and reserving our hotel rooms its time to think about the actual event!!! So what is it that you are looking forward to next April? What events do you hope will be hosted? Who do you really want to meet? I'm sure most of the stuff is already in the works, but maybe we can get some suggestions out there as well. This is my first Celebration, so I'm sure some of my wishes have already taken place in previous installments. Well. . . Here it goes:

We all know there are going to be numerous guests, but who do you hope makes an appearance?

I would love to see:
Christopher Lee
Liam Neeson
all of the Jabba Puppeteer's
a Bounty Hunter reuinion (Although I believe Alan Harris-Bossk) doesn't travel overseas)
Battle of Yavin reunion (not sure how many you'd get, but to get the Rebels Pilots in one room would be cool.)

I think "themed" guests would be cool, but I'd be excited for anyone really. I didn't want to list all of the "big" names, but felt I had to put at least two up there. I understand the chance of any of them coming is miniscule, but it is a wishlist, right?

I want to see a lot of interactive stuff. Trading Card Game, Roleplaying Game, the new miniatures, video games, all being demonstrated would be cool. I don't really play those games, but would love to try them with other SW fans.

I remember reading about a concert last time. . . that sounds pretty neat. Especially after seeing the DVD, and John Williams conducting the orchestra while SW was playing sans sound in the background was incredible!!!!

Speakers, dealers, yadda-yadda. . . the normal convention stuff. Don't forget the little things that always happen, and keep us going to the "smaller" conventions.

A breakfast or two would be cool. I think the fan club has done this at previous events. I've yet to experience one so if anyone has anything to share, please do.

Oh yeah, and finally. . . show some films!!!! Cartoons, rare footage, DELETED SCENES!!!!! I know the stuff will never see the light of a DVD, but show it to us in person!!! That would be the coolest!!!!

Eh. . . I probably went on too much, and most definitely left out some important aspects. . . but that's where you all come in!!!!!
So what do you want to see??????