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    Halloween is just around the corner

    ...and I plan on having the coolest pumpkins on the block..

    and so should you. .
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    Re: Halloween is just around the corner

    Cool. Too bad the skill required isn't downloadable too.
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    Re: Halloween is just around the corner

    So does anybody have any ambitious costumes planned? I myself dont dress up but am working with my brother on getting him something ready for Halloween. Last two years he has gone as Anakin and a Ninja Turtle (Raph i believe) and this year the two contenders seem to be either the JL's Flash or a Predator. He seems to be much more interested in being the Predator but unfortunately all i can seem to find are masks and no costumes so i may have to make him something up to compliment the mask. Anybody ever construct their own costumes and have any suggestions for what would work well? Right now im thinking cardboard would be a good base and i could design and paint it. Im looking forward to trying to doing it, i really think it would look awesome and stand out from the others.
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    Re: Halloween is just around the corner

    Hell yeah, I love Halloween. It is the only holiday that excites me, maybe Thanksgiving, but that's due to an abundance of food and my lack of control when confronted with such a large feast.

    Back to Halloween, lots of good stuff there. I suppose I should be getting those Halloween 'tars going again in preparation for the greatest holiday. It's a dream of mine to someday have one of those great looking Halloween setups in the front yard. You know, zombies coming out of the ground, a guy hanging from a tree, and other things scaring the hell out of kids as they come to collect candy.

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    Re: Halloween is just around the corner

    here at OU, the Halloween party is legendary. Drawing more folks than Mardi Gras and more arrests than a Phish show.

    I'm thinking about going as Starsky as i got the hair and i could find some tight pants, jean jacket and some funky glasses. one of my roomies might go as Hutch. If that falls through, i don't have a clue as what to go as.
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    Re: Halloween is just around the corner

    It's just the atmosphere that Halloween creates. It's the time of year when spring and summer's splendor slowly begins to die. The weather turns cooler, the colors change. It's the time of the year for apple cider, football, Indian corn, raking leaves and Michael Myers' movies.

    This year my friends and I are planning on going to the Halloween Horror Nights being held at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. It's basically like one big haunted house from what I've heard. I hope to have fun down there and some memories to carry with me forever.
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    Re: Halloween is just around the corner

    Halloween is such a fun time for anyone of any age, if you are young you can go out trick-or-treating, or just stay in and watch scary movies, and of course go out to a party dressed up. I was thinking about being Uncle Fester this year, not sure yet though.
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    Anybody planning on some cool costumes for 2007 ? I've got a friend already growing out a huge beard so he can be Forrest Gump this year...when he was running across the country.

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    Anytime I hear Holloween costumes, I always think of my oldest brother and sister-in-law. At a party one year, she wore and over-sized army shirt and boots, and my brother wore army pants and boots. They went as an upper and lower GI........true story, it's my big bro's eccentric type of humor.
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