I am comparing the old sound fx Boba that was a KB exclusive back in the 90's and the new Boba OTC 12 figure. I have made some alterations to the new figure for my own taste. I popped off 12" Jango's head and put it on Boba and then cut out the bottom of Boba's helmet so it could be worn as a helmet. Then I fixed Boba so he could wear Jango's more colorful rocket pack that actually fires a missle and is made of hard plastic instead of the rubbery plastic the OTC rocket pack is made of. I gave Fett the wookie scalps from my Marmit Fett and the tools in his pouches as well. I even included the pistol and holster from the Marmit Fett. I like the Marmit fett for its accuracy BUT, don't buy it if you want an action figure because the plastic is just not meant for much poseing or handling. The OTC fett is much better for its overall durability and Movie accuracy even if its not exact for the price difference between $100 for the Marmit Fett and $30 for the Hasbro OTC Fett which can be posed and "played with if you choose" I would choose the OTC fett everytime.
The sound fx Boba is still horrible I know but compared to the first Fett he is a slight improvement. The OTC Fett is light years past those two.