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    Talking All mt SWccg uncommons and commons - FREE

    I've been working on completing my Decipher SWCCG collection and I'm almost there. However, it has left me with quite a few extra uncommons and commons...a large shoebox overflowing with them. I have no use for them, so if anyone wnats them, they're FREE! All you would need to do is pay whatever the post office would charge for shipping. I have no idea of the exact number and don't have time to count but there are lots of cards. They're all mint, never used. Most of the cards are from Premier through Special Edition, although there are also quite a few from Tatooine, Theed and at least a few dozen from Coruscant. There may be a few rares mixed in that I missed but can't guarantee. Let me know if you'd like them and we can go from there. First come, first serve. I don't hav ethe time or patience to search through the cards looking for a specific card, so I only want to get rid of the whole thing.

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    Re: All mt SWccg uncommons and commons - FREE

    PM sent.
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