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Thread: 12" Customiser?

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    12" Customiser?

    I'm generally a 12" collector but some character are really hard to come by. Hence, customising is the name of the game. I haven't customise a lot of 12" and in fact, only 2. Now, I'm doing a 12" Rebel Fleet Trooper - inspired by the soon to be release 3.75" RFT.

    But the real reason for starting this thread is because I craved to see 12" customs from other 12" collectors / customiser. Anyone in this Forum specialise in this area, pls post here and with your website address so that I can visit and learn a thing or two. You can visit my homepage by just clicking the "www" icon below.

    I know has a brilliant 12" customiser in Tony Diterlizzi (hope I spell his name right) and his works are my main source of inspirations.

    Hear from you guys soon

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    Very nice work, can't wait to see more!

    I whole-heartedly agree, Tony Diterlizzi's figures are absolutely amazing! I also customize 12" figures (mainly creatures from the cantina) and have pictures posted at

    You can check them out here...

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    WELCOME HERE!! I actually saw your work some time ago and marvelled at the Momaw Nadon you've made, its just so marvelous. The rest of the Cantina Aliens are just marvelous. You should really teach me a thing or two on how to do those alien head sculpt.
    I'm happy that you like the custom I made and as soon as the RFT is done, I'll post it in there and you can be my critic

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    Thumbs up Amazing

    I have never done the 12 inch customizing, but after seeing that I would love to try. Those cantina aliens are impressive, most impressive.
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    ? for humsup

    first off, congrats on your custom sand person and death star trooper.very well done.

    and thanks for directing me to rebel scum's customs. tony d's stuff is just awesome.

    anyway, how did you get the 12 inch hands out of their hole without damaging them? scalding hot water?

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    Derek, welcome back

    I think you are the 10th person who asked me the question on the GI Joe's hands. Well, I boil the wrist for some 5 minutes and upon removal from the water, used a pointed nose spanner to hold it at its joining area and exert your force. But just be careful and force exertion should be to own discretion. As you know, the wrist is hold by a very fragile rubber loop and can snap anytime if you tried too hard. Well end of the day, its patience. When its not out the first time round, boil it again and repeat the process.

    Hopes this helps.

    By the way, what 12" customs has you guys made?


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