I'm generally a 12" collector but some character are really hard to come by. Hence, customising is the name of the game. I haven't customise a lot of 12" and in fact, only 2. Now, I'm doing a 12" Rebel Fleet Trooper - inspired by the soon to be release 3.75" RFT.

But the real reason for starting this thread is because I craved to see 12" customs from other 12" collectors / customiser. Anyone in this Forum specialise in this area, pls post here and with your website address so that I can visit and learn a thing or two. You can visit my homepage by just clicking the "www" icon below.

I know Rebelscum.com has a brilliant 12" customiser in Tony Diterlizzi (hope I spell his name right) and his works are my main source of inspirations.

Hear from you guys soon