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Thread: Unbelievable!!!

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    Angry Unbelievable!!!

    I was in a Las Vegas area Wal-Mart this morning checking out the latest OTC/VOTC stuff. I noticed some of the newer figures, i.e. Jawas, Wicket, Tusken Raider, etc., as well as about 4 or 5 Dagobah Luke's - Handstand variation. I've picked one of these up already for my son's collection, but thought I might grab another. It was then that I noticed that all of them were creased. A couple had the crease on the top left corner, a few on the top right corner...and these were the ONLY cards of all the figures on the pegs that were creased. Everything else was in pretty good shape. This tells me that someone intentionally bent them all; otherwise the creases wouldn't have been as sporadic, or only on this particular figure. Unless someone was a collector and knew that this figure was currently somewhat rare, why would they do this?!

    SHAME ON YOU...whoever you are.

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    Re: Unbelievable!!!

    I've seen this happen in NE PA. Some people are nuts. If you go around INTENTIONALLY damaging anything in a store that's not yours, well, you are NUTS. Case closed. Sorry to hear I saw from my trip to Vegas last week, you folks out there have a hard enough time finding stuff....

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    Re: Unbelievable!!!

    This is just disgraceful. These 4-letter words are not collectors in my mind. You collect figures but you rip and crease other ones so people like us don't get them in Pristine condition? That is just horrible, hopefully this person's collection will burn in a FIRE.
    You'll be sorry, Pee-Wee Herman!

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    Re: Unbelievable!!!

    i really HATE (hate is a stong word, but it belongs here) but i really (explicit) hate that. i cant tell you on how many times i go into a target or toys r us and the 'hard to fide' figs are all bent up. being a MOC collector, man it just makes me mad

    just today, saw a OTC jawa( ive never seen it anywhere) , all bent up. SHAME SHAME SHAME!!! bending one card is not gunna make urs go up in price, its a hobby not scandle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Re: Unbelievable!!!

    I've heard that in the past this practice was done by store employees themselves, to keep collectors/scalpers from picking the racks clean of the harder to find figures, so that everyone would get a chance at them. I guess kids don't care if the card is creased. You can argue whether this makes any sense to you, or not.

    In my case, it's always worked to my favor. I'm an opener. There's some figures I would never have found if it weren't for that single rejected non-mint card hanging there on the pegs. As long as the figure is unharmed and all the accessories are there, I don't care.

    I'm sorry for the rest of you though.

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    Re: Unbelievable!!!

    I remember a few years KB I think was using hole punchers to put little holes in the cards so collectors wouldn't buy up all of the rare figures. Some people do need some brain examination. It's pretty much the collector not wanting anyone else to have what he has. Just like a little child.

    Not only does this rob collectors but it robs the store and if that product don't sell they don't get the money and we don't get any new figures on the shelves.
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    Re: Unbelievable!!!

    I've heard of stores doing this intentionally to deter scalpers too. I thought Target was punching holes in the boxes or the cards.

    Back in the POTF heydays I always had trouble finding cinema scenes or vehicles without knife cuts in the boxes. But that was just stockers slicing the shipping cartons open without worrying too much about damaging the stock inside.

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    Re: Unbelievable!!!

    I wasn't quite sure which store it was. I've also had the problem with the knife slashes in the boxes namely Luke Endor on Speeder Bike and a cinema scene or two.
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    Re: Unbelievable!!!

    So Handstand Luke is the rare one? Maybe I shouldn't have opened mine.

    (Don't worry. Some SOB came through and damaged the card, which is how I found all the Dagobah wave, except for that stupid Ghosti-Wan that's all over the place.)
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    Re: Unbelievable!!!

    That peeves me so much. I wish I would find someone doing that. I would report them to the manager. By law, they could make the person pay for those, since he damaged the merchandise.
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