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    Not Vintage, but Kenner none the less...

    Hey guys, crossed this site thinking hey! these guys must be the experts!

    anyway, searching through my closet I found an old 12 inch figure I figured I'd keep in box...It's the 12 inch Action Collection Electronic Boba Fett, in box...Im pretty sure he was a kay-bee exclusive. Anywho, whats this guy worth? I heard he'd be worth something way back...not necessarily lookin to sell it (he's way too cool, haha) but Im curious to know the value. Like I said, Action Collection electronic Boba Fett, in box, mint condition, (still says his great phrases..."He's no good to me dead!" gotta love it...) kay-bee exclusive.

    Any ideas? or is it pretty generic junk?

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    Re: Not Vintage, but Kenner none the less...

    Ah, I believe your talking about about a POTF2 (reads Power of the Force 2) Boba Fett. Its from '98. Check out the 12" Hasbro section of the forum for better experts or the old database for more info.

    Hasbro bought Kenner in '94. So everything '95 to the present is Hasbro's. But they keep the Kenner name till about '99. And welcome SSG.
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    Re: Not Vintage, but Kenner none the less...

    Yup, sounds like the POTF2 'electronic' Boba Fett.

    Prices sit at around $50 for a nice boxed example from what I've seen.
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    Re: Not Vintage, but Kenner none the less...

    It's priceless, so keep it secret and keep it safe! Lucas' filmwraiths have crossed the river Isen and are currently searching for anything with evidence of or recordings of original Star Wars actors. Fett was meant to be voiced by Temuera Morrison all along you know.

    Seriously though, it might go up in value since it does have the original actor's voice.

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    Re: Not Vintage, but Kenner none the less...

    Try doing an ebay search for it. That way you could best find out a going price for it. Just because a guide says it is X amount of dollars, it doesnt mean that is what it would go for.
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