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    Another possible teaser poster (SPOILERS?)?

    Appologies if this belongs in the Spoiler section...if so, please move it.

    AICN has another image that could be the ROTS teaser.
    (There are no spoilers in the image, for the fellow spoiler-free)

    If this is indeed the real thing, I like it. It's a nice echo to the Episode I teaser.
    If is isn't real, then it's no surprise. The only thing that leads me to think that it could be fake is because it's an image we've seen before (for the most part), which I don't recall happening for Episodes I and II.
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    Re: Another possible teaser poster (SPOILERS?)?

    I dont think its real.I have seen the image in the SW Insider and I dont see why they would re-use it.What also leaves me to believe its fake is the bad blend job in the lefthand side,the black squares do not repeat,the SW logo is too small and not fitting,there is not ROTS title,the floor color does not match the back of the promo image(the front part of the "teaser" is a diff. color if you look carefully)
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    Re: Another possible teaser poster (SPOILERS?)?

    I dont think its real. Looks to cheesey.
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    Re: Another possible teaser poster (SPOILERS?)?

    Well.... It jist doesn't really do it for me
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    Re: Another possible teaser poster (SPOILERS?)?

    Aside from just being stupid, it's an obvious fake. Bad Photoshop clone tool job on the floor. Meh.


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