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    I hope they read our anger over the crap statue legs they are putting on their upcoming figures!
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    As far as an EU line is concerned, I have little to no use for such a line or figures. That's just me personally. I am of the opinion that if it didn't appear on the screen (and that is BIG SCREEN mind you), it NEVER HAPPENED! I tried to make the point in the past that those who want EU figures can rattle off names from Heir to the Empire to whatever the last EU title and/or comic, but have no knowledge of the EU characters that existed before the term "Expanded Universe" was coined. There has been an "Expanded Universe" since late 1977 (Marvel Comics and the newspaper dailies). Why does no one ever mention these guys? Anyway, it appears that there is some moderate interest in EU-esque characters if recent Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon incarnations are any indication. However, my personal stance on EU is the same as with those figures. Every one of those that creeps into a release or wave represents one fewer Episode I, IV, V, or VI character that gets the 3.75" treatment. I would far rather have a Paploo or General Madine than some EU character I've never heard of and care nothing about. If we get (on average) two to six figures per release, the presence of EU figures of any kind reduce that number to between one and five figures (that non EU collectors want).
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    I'm with Jedicole, stillakid, and bigbarada. I personally have no interest in an EU line, or EU figures in general. I don't like the Maul Sith apprentice, or the qui-gon training, or any other EU figure they've had in the POTJ line. I haven't bought any of them, and I won't buy any new ones either.

    I think with the shrinking market for SW, the last thing Hasbro wants to do is shrink it even more by catering to those who want EU figures. Most people I've talked to don't want EU figures and would much rather have figures from the films. If Hasbro does come out with an EU line, I don't see it selling very well.

    And we do need an accurate ROTJ Jabba, w/ dais, sal or bubo, pipe and bowl, and maybe even a jawa with a big fern fan thing.

    I'd definately pay $30 for that.
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    I don't think Sith Apprentice Maul was EU, wasn't he based on the concept drawings? Okay, Hasbro don't have to bring out a whole new EU line, just a few in an upcoming wave, anything to get a Corran Horn Jedi Knight .
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    Jedicole, don't forget about the radio drama.

    Is that EU? The truth is that the other stuff gets mentioned soooo much because it has a larger popular following. Though I would certainly never bang on anyone who asked for figures based on the old Marvel Comics.

    I would be happy with a seperate line of EU figs, APART from the current line. But, I know it's just wishful thinking.

    The truth is if Hasbro cranked out 20 new figs a month we would be asking for stuff we don't have.

    BTW, thank you Hasbro for my Talon Kaard figure...oops I mean Qui-Gon Jedi Training Gear.
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    I remember the old marvel comics got syndicated as a strip in a sunday magazine over here in the UK round about Jedi release time. I have a recollection of Luke doing some mean jedi stuff on Mon caklamari where we were introduced to the Mon Calamari species and their world. The Millenium falcon crashed or hid underwater or something. Anyway, the Imperials had a mean machine they used to crash through the swamps and jungle. There were loads of cool Mon Cal folk floating around and I really wanted a load of Mon Cal figures when I was younger. Loads of fish head guys.
    I'd go for the comics that came out way back being turned into an action figure line. I'd go for some of Dark Horses current characters being immortalised. What I don't want to see id the awful characters from the books that make nonsense of star wars. The stuff hardcore EU fans cling to like it's some kind of bible or the Qur'an.
    I quite liked the early X-wing Rogue Squadron comics, Vrip Dllr or whatever the heck his name was, Tycho Celchu. But I wouldn't neccesarily want figures of those.
    Dark Horse offers the best artwork to design a figure from but even that fails sometimes. Look at the latest incarnation of Maul. I've never seen such indifference greeting a figure before. Surely the biggest pegwarmer since chocobi-wan?
    I suppose the point is with the EU that there is so much to choose from it would be impossible to please anyone but a few fans of a particular character. There's reallt no point in Hasbro flogging themselves to death trying to please when they wouldn't be able to. So there will probably never be a true EU line until the film cannon characters have been mined dry.

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    Originally posted by Wolfwood319
    Most people I've talked to don't want EU figures and would much rather have figures from the films.
    Then the people your talking too must not read any Star Wars novels/books then?

    The people you talk too believe that "if it didn't appear on the screen,It never happened" people,those guys (not saying everyone) wouldn't read any novel and would say they didn't want figures of them!
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    The reason I read the books is I want more of the Star Wars story.The books follow in order,so its like the story goes on.If you read the books. You would find that there are many characters that are very interesting and would want them as a figure. To me if you only go with the movies you cut the story off and at the end of ROTJ would be the end all together. The Star Wars Universe is so big and so much can go on that surely there can be more to it than whats on film.Thats why I like the books.I want the story to go on and not end.I want to know more about the other stuff and how Luke rebuilds the Order and how he handles other trouble that comes along.
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    And I think the novels and other EU ADD to the films. Some of the most profound moments I get from the movies are because I read some little EU story that delves into that scene. When Han and Chewie show up at the end of ANH and save Luke from Vader. There's a great short story where Chewie gets supremely ticked at Han for leaving and they have a vicious argument and you get the sense of how close Han was to just leaving. It makes his return in the film that much more powerful to me and I never would have gotten that from just watching the movie.

    Plus, how much of the movies are EU. what is Samuel Jackson's character's name? What are the furry creatures on Endor called? All of these background characters? Locations? All of this is EU. Momaw Nadon? EU. Ponda baba? EU. Eeth Koth is a battle stance is EU cause that never happened in the movie. Any Jedi Council with a lightsaber is EU. You'd be suprised how much information you get from the movie, you actually had to read in some supplemental DK guide to Star Wars. And that my friend, is Expanded Universe.

    So bring on the Corran Horn figgies!

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    I've read about a dozen or so SW novels and some of the DH comics. Other than the Zahn novels, I don't like any of it. That's my opinion. As for characters in the movies like Momaw and the ewoks. They may have had stories about them in EU, but they still appear in the movies.

    I have no problem with people liking EU and wanting figures for characters in the EU. I don't like the EU stories (mostly) and I don't want figures of any of them. And if they come out with EU figures or an EU line, I won't buy any of them.

    And as for the people I talk to who don't want any EU product, have read some SW EU, whether they feel that if "it didn't happen in the movie, then it didn't happen" I don't know. But the general consensus I've read/heard is that people want figures from the movies, and don't want figures from EU.

    On a lighter side, now that we've got an all new, kick @$$ Amanaman (rubbery accesories aside) its time for Hasbro to give us a kick @$$ deluxe ROTJ Jabba, complete with at least what the vintage one had, if not more.
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