hello, i have some figures i'm looking to trade. all are mint unopened. i'm looking to trade them for any of the new figures that are out on the "otc" cards and the "votc" cards. i need everything new plus the following,

1. han solo at-st on saga card
2. general madine on saga card
3. lando general on saga card
4. kit fisto on clone wars card
5. saesee tiin on clone wars card
6. clone trooper super poseable on clone wars card
7. arc trooper "red" on clone wars card

here is what i have to trade, i hope someone can use these as i sure can use some help with the above. thanks for looking and you can make offers to jack at charolettejones@aol.com.

for trade,

1. slave leia green card holo foil sticker
2. rebel trooper p.o.t.j.
3. r-3po saga
4. r2-d2 with holo leia p.o.t.f. 2
5. luke bespin duel "bloody hand" saga
6. silver r2-d2
7. silver clone trooper card bent at top
8. clone wars 2 pack arc trooper/clone trooper
9. clone wars 2 pack yoda/yellow clone trooper
10. clone wars 2 pack anakin/blue clone trooper
11. hoth survival accessory set
12. death star accessory set
13. star wars "uk" comic. started when episode one come out. i have issue #1 to #31 mint. these are magazine size. nice.
14. fambaa with shield generator and gugan warrior
15. hot wheels treasure hunt 12/12 1971 plymouth gtx
thanks for any trades