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    Your favorite SLEEPER movies...

    A lot of "your favorite" movies threads of late. I thought it would be informative and fun to see what "sleeper" movies everybody likes. You know, those films that are off the main radar or didn't receive a lot of press or nobody saw but should have.

    One of my favorites is HENRY, PORTRAIT OF A SERIAL KILLER.

    A favorite of my son's and one of my own is THAT THING YOU DO.

    What other great little movies are hiding out there? Let us know!

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    Re: Your favorite SLEEPER movies...

    I will go with Frailty and Below.
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    Re: Your favorite SLEEPER movies...

    A few were decent hits, yet it seems few people saw them.
    Leon (The Internation Uncut version, not the sanitzed US version)
    Mystery, Alaska
    Formula 51
    Changing Lanes
    Rules of Engagement

    (Yeah, I like Samuel L Jackson movies)
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    Re: Your favorite SLEEPER movies...

    Donnie Darko !

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    Re: Your favorite SLEEPER movies...

    I second that Donnie Darko!
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    Re: Your favorite SLEEPER movies...

    Heavenly Creatures

    Deep Rising

    The Kingdom

    The Devil's Backbone

    The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra

    Johnny Suede

    These movies can't really be called "sleepers" anymore, but at the time I saw them, they were certainly under the radar:


    Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

    Wings of Desire

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    Re: Your favorite SLEEPER movies...

    Through and through- TRAINSPOTTING

    A really kooky, humorous movie just because it is so bizzare in what should be a normal setting.- ROAD TO WELLVILLE

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    Re: Your favorite SLEEPER movies...

    I think that the best and most underated movie of all time is Bladerunner. Not onlt did Scott prove his worth yet again as a sublime artist and talented director, he was the first to really do justice to Phillip K. Dick's work on screen. Where THX (1138) held a dark and claustrophobic future Bladerunner gave us a disfunctional and eclectic vision of all races mashed into one. What over films gives you (cyber)punks, Hari-kryshna, Rabbis, Asians, Quakers and many more i have yet to spot in a single scene. Not based on guns or violence, just the need to understand a life so beyond any of the characters... a true masterpiece, loved more and more each year and gathering yet more credebility (much like the original Star wars) over time.

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    Re: Your favorite SLEEPER movies...

    My wife and I came up with these.

    The Virgin Suicides

    Almost Famous



    I 3rd Donnie Darko

    American Psycho
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    Re: Your favorite SLEEPER movies...

    write me down as # 4 for donnie darko

    garden state and eternal sunshine of the spotless mind are also really good
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