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    superman is dead.

    the drudge report is reporting that christopher reeve has died.

    "superman the movie" and chris reeve were my favorites of all time. even more than luke skywalker and star wars!

    reeve had a lot in common with mark hamill. really just one big role in their careers. but superman and superman 2 were really good movies.

    if anyone wants to debate the politics of stem cell research, please start your own thread in the rancor pit. this is just for the fond memories of superman.

    anyone have a favorite scene from the original superman movie?

    mine was when superman pulled lois lane's car out of the ground, ripped the door off only to discover lois was dead. then with a tremendous yell of agony, he flew off into the sky and flew around the world so fast, he turned back time.

    just awesome! that spiderman!

    i also loved the scene where superman saved lois lane and the helicopter from falling off the daily planet. the image of clark kent running across the street, pulling his shirt open to reveal the "S" and going in an out that spinning door were priceless.

    memorable quotes from that scene:

    "Say Jim, WHOOOOOO!!! that's a bad outfit!!! WHOOOO!!!!!"

    "don't worry miss, i've got you."

    "if you've got me, who's got you????"

    "who are you?"

    "a friend"

    if warner bros can't top the 1978 superman movie and find someone who can properly fill chris reeve's boots and cape, i hope they just don't make the movie! i know there were actors who played the role before and after christopher reeve, but in my opinion, he was the best.
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    Re: superman is dead.

    It's also on CNN's site now.

    Rest in peace Superman.

    Thanks for the memories.
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    Re: superman is dead.

    Rest in Peace Christopher Reeve.

    Thank you for the memories!
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    Re: superman is dead.

    I am so saddened by this. I was devastated by his accident and paralysis and always hoped so much that he would be able to walk again. I take comfort that Mr. Reeve is now free of his broken body, though I feel so badly for his family and the others he left behind.

    My favorite Superman moment in the films he did: when he goes through the revolving door before rescuing Lois hanging from the helicopter. I love that he says, "Excuse me" to the gentleman talking to him before flying off to save Lois. The politeness is just so much what Superman is for me. It's not that he was a Boy Scout to the point of being corny, it's that he truly believed in THOSE values.

    Like when he and Lois are held up by the robber in the first Superman and he is telling the criminal problems can't be solved with a gun. He really meant what he was saying, even if he probably knew the criminal wouldn't turn his life around.

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    Re: superman is dead.

    I was convinced that he would one day walk again! I'm so sad to hear this news

    RIP Christopher Reeve!

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    Re: superman is dead.

    He left quite a mark on a lot of people. Thanks for the memories.
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    Re: superman is dead.

    I didn't realize he was only 52. And that he had his accident 9 or 10 years ago! Way too young for both.

    Chris Reeve was the Superman I grew up with also, and only came ot know others later on. While the 1st movie was great, my favorite was Superman 2 with the escapee's from the Negative Zone.

    I was unaware of some of the other health problems that people who are paralyzed suffer from. If he had not died from some of these complications then I too believe he would've walked again, if only from sheer force of will.

    Rest In Peace.
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    Re: superman is dead.

    wow, this came to me as a shocker!!

    someone must have gave him the kryptonite.... theres the rise and fall for every hero, unfortunatly it was supermans time.

    like pendo i was hoping to see superman walk someday. Look on the bright side, he gave us superman movies, great movies in my opinion, and never gave up on life. look at it this way, now he is in heaven walking again.

    christophor reeves was an inspiration to many

    RIP superman, you truly were a superman.
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    Re: superman is dead.

    Rest in Peace Christopher Reeve.
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