hey hasbro,
i just bought the 12 inch female figure from the andomada tv show. i don't even know her name, because i don't give a crap about star trek stuff. but my goodness, this figure is awesome.(made by blue box). i hope you guys will take a look at this line(even the kevin sorbo and black guy and furry guy are awesome!) and then take a look at the merchandise you recently gave us in the form of barbie dolls with puffy, round heads and horrible unarticulated bodies.

while the woman this figure is based on is not attractive, the sculpt is awesome. the body is very articulated and the outfit is very well made. it did cost about $7 more than your boxed figures, but is well worth it.

if you ever wonder why your action collection dosen't sell well, it's not because the interest isn't there.if you would make quality 1/6th scale product like blue box and dragon, i guarantee target wouldn't have a chance to run your stuff on clearance!

in the meantime,i have to decide which cy girl body i'm gonna use to replace your barbie body.