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    for the love of god, come on hasbro!

    hey hasbro,
    i just bought the 12 inch female figure from the andomada tv show. i don't even know her name, because i don't give a crap about star trek stuff. but my goodness, this figure is awesome.(made by blue box). i hope you guys will take a look at this line(even the kevin sorbo and black guy and furry guy are awesome!) and then take a look at the merchandise you recently gave us in the form of barbie dolls with puffy, round heads and horrible unarticulated bodies.

    while the woman this figure is based on is not attractive, the sculpt is awesome. the body is very articulated and the outfit is very well made. it did cost about $7 more than your boxed figures, but is well worth it.

    if you ever wonder why your action collection dosen't sell well, it's not because the interest isn't there.if you would make quality 1/6th scale product like blue box and dragon, i guarantee target wouldn't have a chance to run your stuff on clearance!

    in the meantime,i have to decide which cy girl body i'm gonna use to replace your barbie body.

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    First of all, Andromeda is not Star Trek. It's a rip off, wanna-be Star Trek series in which the creators paid Majel Barrett for the rights to Gene Roddenberry's name. The 12" figures are too much $ I think.
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    Actually it's been rumored that Majel didn't like the idea of Enterprise and couldn't do anything about it's creation so she decided to make Andromeda and Earth: Final Conflict. But yeah, it isn't Star Trek, still pretty good tho in some episodes.

    I don't get what is with Hasbro not using multi-poseable 12" figure body for their ACTION Collection and then whining about low sales when even the lame Max Steel line has the multi-poseable body. What? They want to be different than the other companies with the multi-poseable bodies? Take the body mold and add a ball-joint to the neck so the head can look up and down, etc., etc.
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    No matter how many times we plead with Hasbro for better bodies, it ALWAYS FELL ON DEAF EARS. Understand that GI-JOE 12" are coming up with their super poseable multi articulated bodies just because they think that their current Joes body are already not good enough. Wait a minute... isn't Joe made by Hasbro??
    So why is SW 12" stale at this stage? Is the people working on them just PLAIN FREAKIN LAZY BASTARDS!!! ... ... sorry, a bit worked up here.
    I bought myself a Luke & Yoda a couple of days ago and the body still sucks. All the hype of additional articulations et all are bull ****. Its the usual crap body!!
    Hope some Hasbro people are reading these post. I always have to forked out money to get a Dragon body for swap but the freakin head won't fit the neck post, additional work needs to be done. Additional money, additional work. I gave Luke speeder the miss and if not for Master Yoda, I'll forget about Luke Dagobah too.

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    One of the reason thier sales might be down on the GI Joe is the price. Way to high,when there are other figures out there with better movement and just as good stuff with them as joe.

    My son is into the GI Joe toys now and I have found many good looking toys in the same line as the 12" Joe at a lower price and just as good or better quality. Some I have gotten at Wal-Mart and some at Big Lots.

    Maybe they better take a look at what is on the market and adjust thier think and price. Most people don't have the money to pay over $20.00 one a GI Joe when the same amount can buy two or more of the same quality without the big name.
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    hey humsup,

    the new super joe body is in stores now. i recently transplanted my new dagobah luke's head on to the super joe body. this new body, with exception of the claw hands is just as good as dragon's body, only sturdier.

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    derek, I love it when you rant against Hasbro!

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    Hey Derek

    Came to know about this new Joe body through some toy reviews mag and I think its really as good as Dragon's. But meanwhile, we 12" collectors still have to pay extra $ to buy a new better body for swap as well as effort to replace the heads. I'm getting quite sick of it all already.
    I think I should boycott all Hasbro's SW 12" from today onwards but alas!! The next best thing in SW 12" are those from Marmit and they are really pricey.
    I visited some trading section on other forums on military 12" (those of Dragon, Medicom, BBi, Hot Toys etc etc) and I can see quite often collectors are trashing out their SW 12". Maybe they are sick of them all already or maybe the boycott has begun. I think I shall move over and join them now.

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    hail caeser,

    glad you enjoyed it!

    hey humsup,

    i like your tusken raider and DS trooper customs. have you thought about making a dengar? i'm working on one, but i can't seem to get the color right on the armor. i'd like to see what you could do.

    in regards to hasbro, they have the money to smoke dragon and blue box if they wanted to. it's just a shame they choose not to. it is kind of ironic that the trendsetting technology lucasfilm implements hasn't trickled down to their toys. instead they give us 5 to 10 year old bodies on their action collection.

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    Hello Derek,

    Really glad you like my customs and that's the only 2 I really set out to do. Getting lazy these days and with my part time studies, not have time to make more customs. But I have done some little addition on and off. Things like a custom Stormtrooper's belt for CS Han (to cover those ugly belts of his which its "leather" peels all over the pants ) and body swapping for some. But it has gone slow and I have not buy a single SW 12" since Sep until I bought the Luke & Yoda on Christmas Eve.
    I was actually in the process of making a 12" General Veers but loose the steam and enthusiasm quickly. SW are expensives commodities here in Singapore and I cannot sacrifice a Snowtrooper to make a Dengar, it'll be too costly. But if ever one day I can get a really cheap loose Snowtrooper, I may take a shot at it
    Do you know those Stormtrooper's long blaster are actually German WWII MG34? Buy those from 21st Century and replace the Hasbro junk and you'll have an ultra cool weapon.


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