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    Galactic Heroes artwork

    Okay, Hasbro, just a quick, simple question. I know you guys can't answer directly, but maybe you could post the info on your site or something.

    Who is responsible for the artwork on the packaging of the Galactic Heroes line? Those pictures are awesome! I really can't understate that.

    What else has this talented young (or old) man (or woman) done? And what else will he (or she) be doing?

    And is it asking to much to give this talented guy (or gal) his (or her) own Dark Horse comic series?

    Seriously, whoever you are, if you're reading this, kudos to you, and I don't mean granola bars!
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    Re: Galactic Heroes artwork

    I scored the second wave of ROTS Galactic Heroes last night, and whoever the talented artist is, (s)he has outdone himself (or herself) with the images for Mace Windu/Kit Fisto packaging. These are two of my favorite characters, and these illustrations top even the Anakin/Dooku illos from the first wave. I think this is my favorite Kit Fisto image ever.

    I know that us fans can seem a tad, well, negative at times, but these really stand out among all the other (gorgeous, I must add) Star Wars packages. Whoever is drawing these pics, give yourself a pat on the back.

    Now, if I can just convince you to make a two-pack of the lovely Misses Secura and Offee, the packaging will be the most beautiful piece of Star Wars artwork ever produced.
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    Lightbulb Re: Galactic Heroes artwork

    Not only are they cool, I found I cool pic of them on the web darth vader fist up way cool

    Where is the check list though? Haven't been able to find one, but I did see a pic of the dunebugg with luke.


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    Re: Galactic Heroes artwork

    Man, there's a second wave out already ? ? ? Thanks for the tip, I need to find them !

    Yes Hasbro, to my Chuxian friend you will listen - the artwork is awesome and I almost don't even want to open them but my nephew also collects these and so I need to have them out when he comes over !


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