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    I figured I'd post it since theres some awesome Beatles stuff happening!

    The Group There is a 4 cd set coming out the end of October from Capitol Reords of some early recordings -I dont have the specifics yet. I have all the albums myself so I'm not sure what could be on them.

    A great hardcover book "The Beatles: A Private View" is showing up at most Costco Wholesale stores for only $29.99. The retail is between $60-$80. Well worth the buy. Full color book with photos and commentary from the "A Hard Day's Night" and "Help" era of the Beatles.

    Beatles Action figures by McFarlane Toys are on tap for December. The figures are from the Saturday Morning Cartoon in the 60's.

    Ringo Starr His new book "Postcards From The Boys" is out in stores now. To recap, Ringo has assembled collection of postcards sent to him by John Lennon, Paul McCartney and George Harrison durring the Beatle years and after. Full color book, hardcover. I spotted it at Target for $22.97 and at Tower Records for $24.97. I ordered mine at for only $16.97 and got free shipping (with a few other things).

    Ringo's working on a followup album to "Ringo Rama" right now. No release date yet.

    John Lennon John has some cds coming out November 2nd. One is an acustic(spelling) cd of his songs including "Imagine" and others. The other is a classic Rock n'Roll cd -dont know too many specifics on that one.

    Paul McCartney Supposidly working on an album -havnt heard much.

    I'll post any news coming up on those Beatles and Lennon cds coming out! Till next time!

    Peace & Love!
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    Re: The!

    The only thing I would be interested in is the Lennon stuff. Books dont do it for me and Paul's cd's have been ok at best.
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    Re: The!

    Except for the first one. That one rules.
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    Re: The!

    I want to buy the movies Help!, Magical Mystery Tour, and Let it Be on DVD. I've never even see the Let it Be movie.

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    Re: The!

    Theres a rumor that Paul is going to release an unedited version of "Let It Be" on DVD in the next year or so. But nothing confirmed yet.
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