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    Arrow Sandcrawler set to ship.....

    I placed a pre-order for the Sandcrawler a few months ago with and just yesterday (Oct 23rd) they charged my credit card. So either the sandcrawlers have just arrived, or they're about to.

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    Re: Sandcrawler set to ship.....

    I ordered couple weeks ago and they charged my card like the next day. Not too fond of that practice. Anyways I havent recieved any confirmation from them so I kinda doubt they will be shipping anytime soon.

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    Re: Sandcrawler set to ship.....

    I got an e-mail a couple of weeks ago saying my order was "in process." My credit card has been charged, so I'd better be seeing a Sandcrawler pretty damn soon. I need to get those vaporator's in the south range working by November or there'll be hell to pay.

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    Re: Sandcrawler set to ship.....

    Well, I received my Sandcrawler yesterday (via - thanks John!) and I offer the following comments:

    Jawas: A straight POTF2 repack (though without weapons) - no sign of the newer OTC 'weathered' pair of figures. Bearing in mind, though, that it's been a while since the POTF2 pair were on general release, I suppose this might let newer collectors catch-up.

    RA-7 droid: Not so much a re-paint as a re-cast - the figure is molded on the black POTF2 version, but it's made of a much softer plastic, similar to the AOTC C-3POs. A nice touch, and one that allows me to retire my old extra POTF2 Death Star Droid from which I'd removed the black varnish...

    Paint-job: Simply excellent on the outside; the inside isn't painted at all (despite some recent preview photos).

    Tooling: A mixed response here, notwithstanding the obvious discrepancy in scale (see forums passim).
    I never saw the original radio-controlled version of this toy, but it looks as if they've made good use of what was presumably once a battery-compartment to offer a ''secret hiding-place"; opening this sliding door in the floor of the main chamber is the only way you're ever going to fit R1-G4 inside this vehicle.
    Also (and my only major gripe), the 'droid elevator' is still tooled for the vintage astromech droids, so none of the post-1995 R2/R3/R4/R5 figures will fit into this capsule without severe distortion of the feet. A similar problem caused the removal of the Y-wings' droid-socket, and I'm surprised that nobody at Hasbro has picked up on the same problem here.
    The interior of the Sandcrawler occupies three levels, stepping down from the cockpit to the main hold; there is ample space for about a dozen Jawas on the upper two levels, and the hold is big enough to contain the 'definitive' list of Sandcrawler droids (R2, 3PO, R5-D4, R1-G4, Power Droid, blue Treadwell & RA-7), so I'm happy.
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    Re: Sandcrawler set to ship.....

    COOL! Glad to hear someone finally got one in hand. Should be just a matter of time before everyone else (who ordered one) gets theirs.

    Thanks for the review!

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    Re: Sandcrawler set to ship.....

    I got mine today through my local comic book shop who placed the order for me. That store is awesome I swear!

    The review kdp100 did was great and basically covers it all. I'm going to fill mine with Star Tours Droids because I did my Purchase of the Droids scene slightly differently and I like the way it's set up without the Sandcrawler.

    I'll let you know how the Star Tours gang looks in the sandcrawler when I get some time to set it up.

    Imagine what Captain Rex could do driving one of these, considering his Star Tours piloting skills (for those of you who have been on the ride).

    If you're on Tatooine, Stay off the sand!

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    Re: Sandcrawler set to ship.....

    I'd been planning to roll into my local comic shop, to see if it was too late to order a Sandcrawler. Today I walked in, and to my surprise they'd ordered a few extra to put out and sell. So... I've got one now, but it's still sitting in its very nice box while I decide if I'm going to open it or not.

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    Re: Sandcrawler set to ship.....

    I think I better get on the move and order mine from Amok Time (I'm going to get two because this is the one toy that I always wanted as a kid). One stays in, the other gets to roam free.

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    Re: Sandcrawler set to ship.....

    I wished the thing COULD roam. Wheels under the treads if the treads weren't going to work would have been nice.

    But I still like it. I think I'll be adding my Star Tours Droids today.

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    Re: Sandcrawler set to ship.....

    My wife just bought my Sandcrawler at a local comic shop today. Happy days, they are says Yoda!
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