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    501 issues of Spider-man

    This is an advance order item. This CD-ROM is a complete collection of every Amazing Spider-Man comic book printed from March 1963 to December 2003, including the complete Amazing Fantasy #15 Ė Spider-Manís debut issue. Officially licensed by Marvel, it features a total of over 500 complete comic books: issues 1 through 500 and Amazing Fantasy #15. It includes all articles, Spiderís-Web columns, Bullpen Bulletins, and advertisements Ė cover to cover complete! Everything from Lee to Straczynski, Ditko to Romita Jr. The digital images are created from scans of the original printed comic books, compliments of Marvel editor and collector Mr. Ralph Macchio. To preserve the look and feel of the actual comics, there will be minimal retouching of the source material. Some images may have slight discoloration and degrading of pages (including small tears, creases, and pen marks), but thatís what gives these scans character and historical value (no intrusive retooling). It's like having all 501 comics in your personal collection! 11-disc set. System Requirements:PC: Windows 98 or higher and MAC: OSX.
    The direct link doesn't work, but there is a button on the upper right hand side of the screen.

    Pretty cool for big Spidey fans. The only problem I see is that when there was a crossover, you're not getting the whole story.
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