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    The "Saw" flicks!

    Not a perfect film but I thoroughly enjoyed it and thought it rocked !
    Great fun, especially seeing it the day before Halloween.

    Anyone else see it ? I know there are some good fans of horror/thrillers around here so I'm curious to know what you thought of it.

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    i had been looking forward to this one for a long time. it was great i thought.

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    Re: who saw Saw ?

    Not yet, but I plan to see Saw.

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    Re: who saw Saw ?

    i saw it. i was suprised by the ending. i really thought that hospital orderly was the one who was killing the people. but it turned out it wasn't him at all.

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    Re: who saw Saw ?

    Quote Originally Posted by derek
    i saw it. i was suprised by the ending. i really thought that hospital orderly was the one who was killing the people. but it turned out it wasn't him at all.
    Thanks for the spoiler alert, while you're at it why not just reveal who the killer actually is.

    I plan on seeing it but haven't had the chance yet. Maybe this weekend. It does look creepy.
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    Re: who saw Saw ?

    BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, i hated it. SAW could have been much better. the story line and acting is what got to me. his "puzzles" were interging, and the positons of thet people in the puzzles, but come on, the ending was bad and all in all the whole movie just became pointless.

    i would give it a D+, just for the creativity of the "puzzles"
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    Re: who saw Saw ?

    Hahahahaha.I laughed the entire time.It was an awesome movie.The acting was so terrible!I've never seen such bad acting in movie before except for a 70"s movie called "Frogs".But the film was quite enjoyable to me.I liked the story line.I didn't expect the ending at all.The best part in the whole movie was when the doctor got ****ed and started cussing and it seemed like everytime he cussed, he would break out into a kind of english accent.He called the guy a "bastard ****".What the crap is that!!?I almost ****ed my pants laughing at that part.Oh it was great!
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    Re: who saw Saw ?

    Frogs?! Oh for heavens sake.............................

    Give me youre tootsie, oh what a big tootsie..............
    You'll be dead!

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    Re: who saw Saw ?

    Mixed emotions about this one. One a pretty descent horror story with a lot of twists. And on the other hand the worst acting i have seen in a while. If i was rating it out of ten i would probably give it a 7. Also one of the funniest movies i have seen simply do to the terrible acting and a few random lines which didn't make much since to me.
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    Re: who saw Saw ?

    Yeah, the acting sure takes a beating in many of the reviews I have read . . . myself, I wasn't as put off by it.

    Cary Elwes may have gotten a bit overly hammy in some scenes and sure his British accent broke out at times but . . . what do you expect, he's Cary Elwes !

    The guy who played Adam was the film's screenwriter, I believe.
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