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    One day sale at K-Mart...11/5

    This Friday Kmaryt is having a one day sale. Saw their flyer today. SW OTC and GH packs are 3.26 apiece. Limit three though.
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    Re: One day sale at K-Mart...11/5

    Cool! Thanks for the heads up!!
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    Re: One day sale at K-Mart...11/5

    I wonder if K-Mart will offer a price adjustment on 11/5 for figures that you may have purchased earlier in the week. I belive their price adjustment policy covers purchases made up to 7 days prior to the sale but since this is a one-day sale will they honor the policy?

    Also I wonder if Wal-Mart, TRU, etc. will price-match that day?

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    Re: One day sale at K-Mart...11/5

    Thanks for the heads up KH. I rarely go to K-Mart due to the fact that they are few and far between, but I will pay a visit on Friday! And even if I can't, Wal-Mart ought to do a price match.
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    Re: One day sale at K-Mart...11/5

    It's gonna be interesting to see if Kmart puts out NEW cases of SW figs. In NE PA, things have been pretty bad here as far as restocking. I'm gonna guess that my local Kmarts are just gonna use the sale as a clearance tactic. I'm gonna call 11/4, so I'll post what I find out...

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    Re: One day sale at K-Mart...11/5

    I talked to one of those Hasbro reps at TRU this afternoon (had to get my Silver Vader ! ), and he told me that the local K-Marts he had been to had gotten quite a few cases in, and were holding them for this Friday's sale. I think the one near work opens at 8:00, so I'll stop by on the way. This may be a good way to get some of those recent OTC releases I've been missing (#23+)!!!
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    Re: One day sale at K-Mart...11/5

    The Wilkes Barre PA Kmart IS holding cases for Friday. That's straight from the toy dept mgr's mouth too-day.
    I'm ready and I hope we ALL find some new stuff!!!!

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    Re: One day sale at K-Mart...11/5

    Hopefully my KMart is holding stuff back too, but I've got more holes to fill than the 3 figures I'm limited to buying under sale prices.

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    Re: One day sale at K-Mart...11/5

    I'll give it a shot...don't like going to K-Mart much but I want to find these latter OTC figures!

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    Re: One day sale at K-Mart...11/5

    I stopped into the KM nearest to be and they were putting out got in the Han Solo ATST wave/Lando/Madine

    with a limit of 3 figs I will have to stop in to see if any new ones get put out during the day.
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