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    I got mine on Halloween

    Well, now it's November 1st, and all those Silver Vaders should have hit the shelves yesterday all accross the land. I'm in L.A. and I almost had my grubby little hands on the last silver installment earlier in the week.

    I called a store and spoke with a sales associate who found the Silver Vaders on the pegs for $9.99. She said she'd hold a pair of them for me up at customer service. After work I drove to the store, only to find them missing. I spoke with the manager and he said that he "caught the mistake" and had to pull the figures off the floor until the sale date...Oct 31st.

    Anyway, I went back on Sunday and saw over 20 of them hanging there. I grabbed 2 minty ones and headed home.

    Anyone else have any intreresting experiences? Is everyone finding these easily? Or don't we care because we're all burnt out on those Silver things anyway?

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    Re: I got mine on Halloween

    I spotted about ten of them on the pegs middle of last week. There were still some left today. The promotion was launched over the weekend where you can get one free with a $20 SW purchase. If they actually had something I wanted to buy, I might've been interested in getting a Vader free but I'm not payin' $10 for one.

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    Re: I got mine on Halloween

    my store has none
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    Re: I got mine on Halloween

    Got mine on AMazon.
    thanks Chux Turbo LBC Bobafrett Mtriv73 Rjarvis JF96 JT JMG FB Rogue2 Tycho Slicker Deoxy Caesar JontheJedi JJReason Brandon Solo JMS UK for great deals.
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    Got mine when i picked up the Y-Wing.

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    Re: I got mine on Halloween

    I got mine yesterday at TRU. They didn't have any on the pegs, I had to bring $19.99 worth of SW stuff to the customer service desk to get one (because the checkers didn't know anything about it).

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    Re: I got mine on Halloween

    I got one today...the last one hanging on the TRU on Sherman Way in Van Nuys. A little bend in the bottom of the card, but I didn't give a ****. The whole silver-thing has lost it's specialness. I just got it because I suffer from this annoying tendency to buy anything I don't have. Damn.

    I stuffed it up on the shelf with the rest of my "carded" collectables. Need a bigger shelf....

    But it did "force" me to buy one of the new OTC 12" Stormtroopers. I've been casually eyeing them and this was enough to motivate me to pick one up finally.

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    Re: I got mine on Halloween

    I pick up one with the Y-wing and then went to another store to get one with the darth TIE. The stores in Nashville are good about running the promotions right. Last time one store didn't get the figures on time but they knew about it at least. I wasn't going to buy the darth TIE but it was that or the plush characters.
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    Re: I got mine on Halloween

    Initially I was going to pass on this newest Silver figure but since it's the last one being made I felt compelled to complete the line and got mine on Saturday. I Bought another Y-wing for a friend, 2 more CC Pilots and the new Naboo Final Combat 4-pack. They were handing the Vaders out at the register and the gal gave me 3 since I spent $60.
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    Re: I got mine on Halloween

    Well, I ended up finding 2 Scanning Crew Troopers at TRU today so I bought the Ewok Attack Glider too and got a free Vader. There were still plenty left on the pegs though; I hope it doesn't end up pegwarming.


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