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    McQuarrie stormtrooper

    Is it possible...or even logical...that a FAN CHOICE figure was made in short supply?

    Is it possible they made plenty, and they are sitting in a KB toys warehouse somewhere like the blastshield Luke of many years ago?

    Anyone have any info on whether this figure is another ephant mon?

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    Re: McQuarrie stormtrooper

    I've only seen him once, period, and picked up the only one I saw. Even Ephant Mon I came across a couple of times, so it doesn't look good.
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    Re: McQuarrie stormtrooper

    This whole wave sat one the shelves around here like nuclear waste. The only figure that sold decently was the McQuarrie stormtrooper. However I saw more than enough. I could even find them when Target marked them down to get them off the shelves after christmas. If I would have know then I could have suggest they ship the figures out to you guys to get them off the shelves.
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    Re: McQuarrie stormtrooper

    I only saw him once, and grab it
    never ever have I seen him again
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    Re: McQuarrie stormtrooper

    never ever saw him....ever, or ephant for that matter
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    Re: McQuarrie stormtrooper

    I bought three and passed on at least one or two others. I wish I'd bought them now, though. The glow-in-the dark lightsaber is a cool accessory.

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    Re: McQuarrie stormtrooper

    Quote Originally Posted by mrpauldeeds
    never ever saw him....ever, or ephant for that matter
    Ditto, acquired both of them via trades
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    Re: McQuarrie stormtrooper

    I must have seen about a dozen or so of them and of those i bought four. I planned on using them to make a cheesy evil Jedi stormtrooper brigade in a future diorama. I ended up trading one so now im at three. I hate having uneven numbers of army builders though so i may try to get another one or even just unload one of my remaining ones so that we can be at a nice even number of McQ troopers.
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    Re: McQuarrie stormtrooper

    Saw once or twice in the shop but passed.Because it sold for US$15 each!!!I think it should be more to come and will lower the price.Unfortunately,they all gone when I came back again and shopkeeper told me won't restock again.It's too bad.Finally,I got 2 through a trade.Lucky to me.

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    Re: McQuarrie stormtrooper

    I was in a Brea TRU and I was walking over to the SW stuff when I saw this kid was holding one.. For some unknown reason he put it back.. After he walked away I almost ran to it! Then after looking through the pegs I found one more. I was really happy. So now one is stored and the other is on my book shelf. Its a really good display figure.
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