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    Smile A Star Wars Christmas

    I had a great Christmas full of Power of the Jedi figures. I got those really cool 12' bounty hunters. Those figures are awesome! The detail is great! did anybody else get a bunch of Power of the Jedi figures and other Star Wars toys for Christmas?
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    I got some, not a lot but some as in:

    Princess Leia Bespin Escape (which I already had)
    Han Solo Death Star Escape
    Gungan Warrior
    Mon Calamari Officer
    Luke X-wing Pilot

    Then on the 27th I found Shmi, Obi-Wan Jedi Training, and Jar Jar Tatooine.
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    I kept Star Wars off the list this Christmas because I've been on sabbatical from collecting for most of 2001.

    However, Christmas 2002 will most likely result in a glut of AotC merch.

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    I got a few figures and the Tie Intercepter.A DVD player with TPM and a 31" tv to go with it all.I have been a very good boy this year.
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    I didn't have much of a Star Wars Christmas this year. There's not a whole lot out there right now. But next year will be different because Episode II figures will be out!!!
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    I got $25 from my aunt (who stopped trying to figure out what I wanted years ago) which I used to buy DX Leia and Amanaman. Plus my brother bought me two Imperial Officers.
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    I got a Star Wars desk calander. That's the only star wars item I got. For the most part, I don't ask for "toys" for Christmas. I use Christmas to get the big gifts I'm too cheap to buy myself. Like Trigun DVD boxed set and a GBA.
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    My family decided that there was no point trying to buy me figures, as I probably already bought them myself so I bought myself the FX-7 wave which I really couldn't afford but made me happy.
    I bought Shmi too which is a sweet little figure IMO.

    I usually make them buy stuff for my birthday instead. And as there's supposedly a load of cool stuff coming out in February hopefully it'll be a cool birthday in 2002.

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    Interesting little story--

    I asked my mother to get me a Deluxe Darth Maul, back when I wrote my list in late November, the only Star Wars figure I had on my list (there are others she could have gotten but I don't feel the need to make her go to 17 different stores so she could find them). I showed her the picture on the package of my Bacta Tank Luke and told her the price and size of the figure. The Deluxe Maul I must have seen at least once at every KB, Target, K-Mart, TRU, etc., so I figured it would be an easy find. Four days before Christmas I am out shopping for party supplies with her at a K-mart and I made a quick detour to the Toy aisle to see what they had. They had a lot of things I didn't need so I picked up the Maul and said. "This is what I hoped you got me." Low and behold she yanked it out of my hand and said, "couldn't find it anywhere, thanks for showing me." So she bought it right there and I knew at least one of my presents before I opened them.
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    My gf bought me, luke skywalker bacta, xwing fighter, darth vader emperors wrath, fx-7, queen amidala in black dress, imperial officer, rebel soldier...
    for xmas


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