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    Question Forum Members

    I was looking at the member list and is really extensive there several hundred people there. My question is how often does the list get clear or refreshed, there are a lot of people that are do not have a single post and registered way back in 2002, so what gives.....
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    Re: Forum Members

    My guess is this: if you registered, you are on the list. And I do not think we delete inactive or non-posting accounts, so the list just keeps growing.
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    Re: Forum Members

    I think it's important for sites like this one to have a large membership in order to be able to dangle for sponsorship deals (from the people advertising on the sidebars). In order to seem like a good site to advertise on, they need to be able to say they have x-hundred number of members generating x-number of hits per day. That way the advertisers feel like it's a good spot to have a link up. Of course I don't own or operate a site, so take it for what it's worth (not a heck of a lot!).

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    Re: Forum Members

    How about some kick backs for the frequent posters then.
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    Re: Forum Members

    A lot of folks register to use the Photo Database or the search feature in the SSG news. Also, anybody who posts only in the classifieds won't have a post-count. So, we don't clear out our member lists, we have members who go months between posts yet still come back when something new in the SW universe gets them talking again. A lot of people like to lurk, some of them take the plunge to register but never actually end up posting.
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    Re: Forum Members

    And I'm sure JediTricks and Jedi Master Guyote have their legions of Doombots and Mole Men joining up to shift the balance of power from humanity on this very forum!

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