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    How many other forums do you visit?

    Not necessarily SW related, just other forums.

    I visit 3 other forums about as frequently as I visit SSG but most of my posting is done here. Unlike the other forums this one seems more like a Community than the others. I see SSG as more entertainment where my other forum outlets are a mixture of non-SW work/industry/entertainment.
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    Re: How many other forums do you visit?

    My other main one is "Say Hey" and that one is more of a community than SSG. I enjoy both for what they are, though.
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    Re: How many other forums do you visit?

    Besides SSG, there are two I'm a member of.
    The main forum I visit is - a Stone Temple Pilots fansite. Some of the people there have been there for years (4 or more). We're like a little internet family.
    A secondary one, - movie forum. I rarely go there anymore. The people there either suck or are total morons.
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    Re: How many other forums do you visit?

    I visit about three others.One is a group where we have all known each other since 1999,so we have a very strong internet family type of thing.The other two forums are just other SW Roleplay sites.
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    Re: How many other forums do you visit?

    I visit and participate in the following forums: (official fan club of Metallica...I'll await the neccessary Lars joke now) (student run site of Ohio State students, but not officially affliated with the university)

    I'm most active here, though. I feel most at home here, also.
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    Re: How many other forums do you visit?

    Quote Originally Posted by James Boba Fettfield (official fan club of Metallica...I'll await the neccessary Lars joke now)
    Lars is a poop-head! HA HA HA HA HA!
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    Re: How many other forums do you visit?

    I've been coming to SSG for SW collecting news since the early days of the site. This is the only SW site I visit.

    I'm also active on the toy board and the fan-run Buffy figure forum BTVSFigs as Jack Panix.

    I was a regular on the LEGO Users Group Network (LUGNET) but haven't posted there in awhile.

    I'm also a member of "the35pagesled," a forum started by a Spawn board member who always got in trouble for posting frivolous threads, but I don't have time to keep up with it.

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    Re: How many other forums do you visit?

    Forums that I visit besides here. - One of the biggest online Power Ranger community boards ever. I know what everyone is thinking, Power Rangers suck. I don't care however. Its my hobby and I enjoy it. Besides that, the actual actors/actresses and even the show's producers/writers/etc. visit the site and talk on the boards on a regular basis. Sometimes they even put in references to the fans in the show or get ideas for episodes from the boards. How many other fans of a TV show can say that. - One of the better Legend of Zelda fan sites out there. And like Power Rangers, I'm a big Zelda fan.

    Those are the only others I can think of going to on a regular basis.
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    Re: How many other forums do you visit?

    Power Rangers suck! (sorry, couldn't resist)

    The only others I frequent now are the ones for figures of all types (which sadly are on life-support) and the for transformers. For me, none are anywhere near as involving as this site.
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    Re: How many other forums do you visit?

    There are 3 other forums I visit regularly, two that I lurk and one that I'm a member of. Of the two that I lurk, one is another Star Wars site and other is a Lego site. The SW I don't like nearly as much as SSG, but the vintage section is more robust. The Lego one, well its Lego what other reason do I need. The forum that I a member of is also Lego one, but I like it better the first so that's why I'm a member and not a lurker.

    There are two other places that I'm a member of, but I don't go there that often. One is a Mac site, which is good for a number of Mac related topics. And the other a modeling site. I go to those about once every two months or so.
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