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    We need a new Wicket resculpt

    The current Wicket has always seemed odd to me, and I realize why now. Looking at the vintage one, his scale and color are off. Wicket was a real little guy, and the modern one is more like a representation of him as an adult. The white around his face and the size of his eyes are off. If you used the vintage as referrence, and improved on the sculpting of the fur and a little extra paint on his hood and nails, he would be perfect. And them pack him with a modern Chief Chirpa, and you would have a winner.

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    Re: We need a new Wicket resculpt

    I'd rather have some new ewoks before a resculp of wicket. I always wanted an ewok mother with wokkling.
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    Re: We need a new Wicket resculpt

    I'm perfectly happy with the Wicket sculpt we have. I would like a Mother with Wokkling figure. An Ewok Treehouse would be great! More Ewoks would be great too!
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    Re: We need a new Wicket resculpt

    No doubt we njeed more Ewoks before they resculpt them. At least give us Paploo, his mold is made already.
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    Re: We need a new Wicket resculpt

    Take the title of this thread and add "like we need another hole in the head".
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    Re: We need a new Wicket resculpt

    If the rumors of 5 pack-scenes are true for the late summer of 05, then here's a suggestion on the Ewok tip:

    1) Re-issue resculpts(modern) of all the Ewoks made in the Vintage line and include a Wicket resculpt. I agree that we should see more Ewoks, but I'd like some articulation and a freshened up sculpt.

    2) Issue a single carded battle Ewok w/accessories for an army builder. Hasbro should've done this by now....they'd make money...we'd be happy w/the figure....

    3) Issue the Catapult as a Deluxe figure set and make/reissue(modernize, of course) the Ewok Village.

    4) Re-issue the Endor bunker at the same time for a diorama.

    5) Re-issue the AT-ST. Make the paint fresh, and make the vehicle cheap for mulitple purchases for multiple dioramas.

    6) Re-issue the CORRECTLY Handled Speeder Bike, with a VOTC Biker Scout.

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    Re: We need a new Wicket resculpt

    I too found it odd that the only thread in this section is a call for a resculpt. I'd rather Hasbro continue releasing a variety of non-core characters, never-before-made, like they did with Rieekan, Dodonna, Vandar, J'Quille, the Elom, Ozzel or indeed redoing non-core characters from the vintage line such as that Imperial dignitary and while they're at it doing the tall hat dignitary in the light blue robes. More imperials would be spendid - Tagge, Bast, Veers, Needa (and holographic Needa) and Jerrjerrod. More Echo base and Yavin 4 people and droids would also suit me well.

    As to resculpts, I don't feel that Wicket really demands one. I'd argue that Piett and Tarkin do because their tunics, colour and height don't match up with Admiral Ozzel.

    On the issue of height they still haven't got Lando:Lobot correct (or any character:Lobot - that guy is tiny) and there are other figures who need to be scaled down - Luke Ceremonial fatigues comes to mind and a number of Leia figures.


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