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    VOTC white color mismatches

    Thanks to fellow LA collector Funny Money, I was able to get the VOTC Stormtrooper and R2-D2 yesterday. As nice as the figures are, there is a common issue that plagues them - some of the white plastics don't match others - some parts are solid white plastic, while others are a slightly different, slightly-darker, very-slightly-translucent white material. R2 doesn't have this too bad, only the feet and removable panels are that solid white stuff, but the Stormtrooper is a different story because the helmet head is that solid white stuff while most of his body parts are the other material. Honestly, I don't know why Hasbro went this route, it seems like they would have been better off using just 1 type of material for the whole thing (I like the solid white stuff), but for some reason they didn't.
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    Re: VOTC white color mismatches

    I agree the color mismatched different types of white plastic are a bit off-putting, but I'm guessing it was all done for reasons of aesthetics and durability. The white plastic on the trooper abdomen is far glossier and looks more like the shiney armor of the movie Stormtroopers. Though notice how loose the chest joint is that uses that plastic. Move it too far and slides all over the place. The helmet with its flatter appearance, but purer white plastic is softer and fits around the head ball joint tighter. Allowing for better posing.

    While the chest could most likely have been made of the same plastic as the helmet, which would have given the figure a stiffer chest joint, it would most likely not have been as movie accurate but I guess Hasbro decided to split the difference in terms of posability and accuracy.
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    Re: VOTC white color mismatches

    Possibly, but considering these are $10 a piece, I was hoping they'd go the extra mile and find materials that match better, it's barely tolerable on a $5 figure and actually a little less common. Heck, comparing the work on the SA Clonetrooper, the most obvious comparison to make, that figure is $5 but colormatches far better than the VOTC Stormie even though you can still see the different materials in use throughout the figure.
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    Re: VOTC white color mismatches

    I've purchased quite a few of the VOTC Stormtroopers and completely agree with what you guys are saying. I have noticed though that there are varying degrees to this color mismatch on the Stormtroopers. I've found some that look terrible while others are barely noticable but bottom line the difference is still there and at $10 a pop its inexcusable.
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    Re: VOTC white color mismatches

    I agree, and this is the one sore issue with the VOTC Stormtrooper; out here in Texas, I have come across many, many Stormtroopers, and I bought the one that was the least noticeable, however, I have not seen one that is dead on perfect in this regard.
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