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    Re: Overblown and overrated!

    Quote Originally Posted by Rocketboy
    The Rolling Stone 500 Greatest songs of all time.

    The Beatles have 6 songs in the top 30. SIX FREAKIN' SONGS!
    Talk about overblown and overrated. No band is that good.
    I wish Rolling Stone would remove their heads from The Beatles butt...
    Well, the Beatles did have the top 5 slots on the Billboard chart at one time. No one has ever come close to that. Outkast had the top two, but that's still not close to what the Beatles accomplished.

    Beatlemania may have been a lot of hype, since from footage I've seen, the girls are screaming so loud and passing out, I doubt they even heard the music. However, those early tunes were very good pop tunes that infused some new energy into the music scene. Then they experimented more with their later stuff and still were able to come up with some great tunes. Plus, there is the influence they had on so many other musicians. Then they went on to have successful solo careers. Even Ringo had a few hits.

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    Re: Overblown and overrated!

    Quote Originally Posted by mabudon
    ExP- funny story, MOTORHEAD was opening for them one the tour I saw (and yes, Tony Martin was the "lead singer") and my buddies got lost one the way... they showed up just after "Brown Sabbath" took the stage and were intensely disappointed, to say the least... we even invented a new style of \m/ to throw that night, maybe I'll post a pic, it is easier to show than to explain
    I look forward to it.

    I realized that I listed Dehumanizer twice in my previous post. I meant to say that I saw Dio on the Dehumanizer tour and Tony Martin on Cross Purposes. I also have this nagging feeling that there was 1 or 2 other "Brown Sabbath" (I like that name mabudon) tours in there too.

    I remember Motorhead opening up for them as well. That is the only time I've seen Motorhead live and it was a pretty entertaining show. I think that Suicidal Tendancies was also on that bill too. Do you remember who the other act was?
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