Man, this forum is dead.

So I'll start some controversy with a sampling of my list of overblown and overrated twits:

1) John Mayer: Okay, he's not really big enough to be "overrated," I suppose, but the guy's supposed to be a singer-songwriter, yet can't string together a coherent sentence that doesn't sound like it came from a 6th grader's diary? He should be shot for using the word "bubblegum" in a song. And he claims to be a guitar player with Hendrix as his idol, but is disgustingly incompetent. (I've never picked up an axe but imagine I'd be better on my first try.) Is this what the singer-songwriter label has come to? Ick.

2) Marilyn Manson: Thankfully well on his way into obscurity, but did he ever suck. He tried to be controversial by doing what Ozzy and Judas Priest did decades earlier, and they were not only better at controversy, but they actually had musical talent to go with it. My favorite quote about him is from Alice Cooper (I'm paraphrasing): "He wears makeup, uses a woman's name, and tries to shock people with his act. How incredibly original!"

3) Jeff Buckley: Here's where I'll start drawing flack, I'm willing to bet. He's supposedly a great songwriter. But you know what? I can't agree or disagree because I can't understand a damn word he said! Not only incomprehensible, but he sounds like a whiny little girl who skinned her knee. A half-decent cover of Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah" is all he has to his credit, and Leonard did it a billion times better (even with his total lack of a singing voice). But Pete Yorn apparently idolizes Buckley and was inspired by him, so he was good for something.

4) Warren Zevon: Seriously. A one-hit wonder for "Werewolves of London." That's it. The recent tribute seems odd: Dylan, Springsteen, etc covering songs by someone who was by far their inferior in the songwriting department. Even if you like him, I think you'll have to agree with me on "overblown" for one reason: last year, he got the only "memorial tribute performance" on the Grammies. Last year. The same year both Johnny and June Carter Cash passed on. You put anyone higher than Johnny Cash, and they're automatically overblown. Johnny Cash is, well, Johnny Cash.