Saw this piece of news today over at Not affecting me too much cos I don't keep those cards anyway. But I do have a few pieces of those with pretty nice picture / artworks on them and I have no doubt they do the best SW CCG cards the market can offer. Heres the news quoted from CSW site :

"(12/27/01 8:19 PM PST Bananapunk)
For a few months now, rumor has been circulating that Decipher was not offered a renewal on their Star Wars license by Lucasfilm. With Hasbro's acquisition of Wizards of the Coast, the appeal of streamlining LFL's licensing partnerships certainly came to play. Today, Warren Holland, President and CEO of Decipher, issued a statement to make it official. It's certainly a sad day for CCG fans everywhere! Here's an excerpt from Holland's transcript:

But... I have to be very honest and say that I don't believe this decision is a very wise one on the part of Lucasfilm, and I'm not really telling you anything that I haven't already told them. However, Lucasfilm is the owner of the Star Wars property. And within certain limits, they can do with it as they wish and we all have to accept that. Also, as many of you know, Hasbro is a master toy licensee for Star Wars and George Lucas is a 10% owner of the company. And... It's no secret that Hasbro paid $500 million for the Star War license and it just hasn't performed that well for them. So, I think we had to contend with all of that. "

You can click this link to see more of the news :

Its sad. And I hope Hasbro was removed of its 12" license and Dragon will take over