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    2nd trailer coming soon!!!

    I don't know if this has already been posted: before the long trailer in March there will be a two minute one in January according to an Argentinian source
    Great News!!!!!
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    (edit: he has :-))

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    Re: 2nd trailer coming soon!!!

    cool! hope it's true and not just some scam.
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    Re: 2nd trailer coming soon!!!

    Let's just hope it lives up to the first trailer which was amazing IMO.
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    Re: 2nd trailer coming soon!!!

    Sweet, the more trailers the better. Hopefully this one won't be weighed down by a lot of talking, like the second AOTC trailer was.
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    Re: 2nd trailer coming soon!!!

    Cool, the more the merrier
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    Re: 2nd trailer coming soon!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by kidhuman
    Cool, the more the merrier
    Yes................... but EPS II's trailers had the entire movie in its three.
    It ruined it for me because I couldn't stop watching.
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    Re: 2nd trailer coming soon!!!

    Weeeeellllll the thing is it didn't give that much away, and then again, there were those script & storyboard pages that everyone read about in here!!! This happens in almost every movie, once you've seen it you realize the trailer gave it all away but if you haven't watched the movie then there's no way you know what's going on. Take "Le pacte des loups" for an example or even EpIII none of us knows exactly what will be going on, but there are a few things that anyone can figure out: Any the Jedi Slayer, Lots of firepower, and the plans for the Death Star, as well as the birth of Mr & Ms. New Hope... Let's just wait.

    Personally i loved the trailers for Ep 1 & 2 but i didn't really like the movies.

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    Re: 2nd trailer coming soon!!!

    It would make sense to show the trailer during the superbowl. Did they do that w/AOTC back in '02?

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    Re: 2nd trailer coming soon!!!

    Maybe it would if the Super Bowl was a bit more of a global thing. And then there's the fact that none of us who DO watch the game outside of the US get the same broadcast you guys do. We never get to see the commercials or anything so if they chose one of those to show the trailer, then we definitely wouldn't get to see it.

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    Re: 2nd trailer coming soon!!!

    It kinda makes sense there will be trailer possibly towards the end of December sometime with all the holiday movies around that time.

    I would suspect "Aviator" but I think that is too soon.

    Probably wrong though.
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