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    Promotional Displays/Banners

    Does anyone else collect the promo displays or banners?I try to,as half the time ones I want are already claimed.So far,I have a Hollywood Video Vinyl Banner for the AOTC DVD Release,5 small headers telling everyone to buy SW at WM.Com,2 Vinyl vending machine displays for AOTC,and 2 Wal-Mart Displays that were above the AOTC Figures.

    I just started to get into collecting the promo goods.Not something that everyone else can really just have,so maybe thats why its so interesting.Anyone get good deals?Know a easy way to wine and dine the managers out of the store displays?
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    Re: Promotional Displays/Banners

    When my mom worked at wally world, i scored two of displays from the Frito Lay guy which are these huge two piece sets that commemorate the SE of the trilogy in theaters. I also got the display which held all the Episode I DVD's/VHS copies when it first came out. It has like 12 shelves! very sweet!

    as for ways to get displays: ASK EARLY. But then again, 98% of the time the display is claimed by somebody from the staff, so it's just a matter of the early bird gets the worm.
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    Re: Promotional Displays/Banners

    A coworker asked for and got the Pepsi cardboard standees of Chewie and Jar Jar from the company cafeteria but ended up giving them to me. My brother gave me the Ep. I ceiling displays and window clings from the KB he managed. He also swiped a table menu thingy for Ep. I while dining at Pizza Hut.

    One that got away: Years ago, when Jurassic Park was released on video, K-Mart had this monster cardboard replica arch of the JP gate right inside the entrance. I asked the manager to put my name down for it, but one of the nightshift employees later snatched it.

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    Re: Promotional Displays/Banners

    That Jurassic Park would have been awesome.Shame it got away.

    I think the key as JMG said is to know someone working at the store.Thats how I got everything but the Hollywood Video stuff,my dad worked at WM.Doesnt work there anymore,but might have to call in favors from a Aunt who works in TRU.
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    Re: Promotional Displays/Banners

    I've picked up some awesome Star Wars Promotional Swag over the years. Some interesting things too....

    - A Mountain Dew Jar Jar Binks Standee
    - A Pepsi Watto Standee
    - All of the kid meal toys from Episode I offered by Taco Bell, Pizza Hut & KFC in 1999. Including cuptoppers!
    - All of the kid meal toys and their boxes offered by Taco Bell during the Special Editions in 1997.
    - Unused Taco Bell taco wrapers & drink cups from the Special Editions in '97.
    - A C-3PO book display and standee from Media Play (thanks!)
    - The Mylar light logo covers from "Star Wars, Empire & Jedi" Special Editions.
    - The actual film trailors for all 3 Special Edition movies that were shown in the previews. I worked in a movie theatre then and had to pull some major strings to get these. Especially since we only got in 1 of each.
    - The Episode I "Duel of the Fates" CD single (only given away by the Fan Club when I worked there).
    - A blue t-shirt that says "Episode I" in red letters. These were ONLY given to employees of the Fan Club durring the promotional time before he film was released. Not many of these babies out there.

    I think thats about it.....
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    Re: Promotional Displays/Banners

    While working at Wal-Mart, I was able to get my hands on many promotional items, including a......
    Darth Maul standing DVD display
    Anakins Pod car with inflatable seat (hangs from ceiling)
    a huge Pepsi display (still in box)
    Many Pepsi cardboard Standee cutouts (Amidala, Qui-Gon, Jar-Jar, etc)
    The signs that hung above the toy section when EP I came out

    From Taco Bell......
    Huge banner from Special Edition 1997 rerelease
    A employee (not worn) t-shirt

    My friend who works at a printing company was able to get me some of the samples from the taco bell promotional stuff from EP 1, as well as stuff for some video game and a pinball backdrop.

    I love my promotional stuff!
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    Re: Promotional Displays/Banners

    My brother just got me the Trilogy DVD Darth Vader cardboard standee from Target.
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    Re: Promotional Displays/Banners

    Quote Originally Posted by bobafrett
    ...The signs that hung above the toy section when EP I came out

    A work friend left my job for WM about the time TPM came out. She knew I was a big fan and got me some of the same signs. Thanks Karen!

    I have dupe's of a few and would be willing to part with them....
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